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SMSS autonomous vehicle set to drop on Afghanistan
Lockheed Martin, a defense contractor with the US Army, was the winner in the Project Workhorse Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) competition, and hence they will add more credence to their victory by sending a quartet of Lockheed Martin Squad Mission Support System (SMSS) vehicles straight to Afghanistan as part of a three-month Military Utility Assessment (MUA). The SMSS is not small by any means – no sir, it measures 11-feet […]

US Army makes Judge Dredd-style smartgun a standard issue by 2014
The US Army recently confirmed whispers of equipping all of their infantry squads and special-forces teams with the XM-25 Judge Dredd style computer smartgun by the time 2014 rolls around. Just how fantastic is the XM-25 supposed to be? Let’s just say the enemies will swear and curse at it, as it can hit enemies who are hiding around corners or behind rocks. Once initial testing is complete and with […]

Ultrasound: The Mastermind of Mind Control for U.S. Military
The U.S. military wants to tap into its troops’ brains to raise alertness, reduce pain, and improve psychiatric well-being. Sounds like mind control? It is. DARPA, the Department of Defense’s research wing, has commissioned Arizona State University neuroscientist William Tyler to work on that project and further the Pentagon’s works in using the mind to prevent injuries, assess injuries, and reduce vulnerability to stress.Much of Tyler’s research involves areas of […]

Big Dog gets weaponized
Remember the Big Dog robot that moves in such a lifelike manner, it is almost uncanny and unnerving? The folks at Boston Dynamics have made improvements to it by weaponizing Big Dog, allowing future robots on the battlefield to fight our wars without running the risk of injuring or getting our soldiers killed since Big Dog can be controlled remotely from afar.