Western US To Experience GPS Disruptions Due To USAF GPS Jamming Tests

If you rely on GPS heavily for things like work, research, or school, then you might want to take note that over the course of the next couple of weeks, the US Air Force will be conducting combat tests in the western US which will involve the jamming of GPS, resulting in GPS being disrupted temporarily.

U.S. Army Developing Virtual School Shooting Simulator For Teachers

School shootings are a grim reality and in a bid to help teachers effectively manage such an incident in real life, the United States Army and the Department of Homeland Security are developing a virtual school shooting simulator. The simulator will see multiple players take on roles of a teacher, a law enforcement officer trying to catch the shooter, and even a shooter who may or may not be an […]

U.S. Army Gets Smart Earplugs That Soften Loud Noises And Amplify Quiet Ones

Soldiers need to have good quality earplugs to protect their ears from damage because constantly listening to bullets being fired and bombs going off isn’t exactly what our ears were made for. However, they can’t just block out all noise, what if their commander is shouting orders at them or if an enemy is sneaking up on them? Surely there must be a better way to manage all of this. […]

US Army Will Start Testing Smart Grenade Launchers In 2016

If you’ve ever played games like paintball, you know that enemies hiding behind walls and covers are hard to hit. We can only assume that will also apply in real-life situations such as during military encounters. However it seems that come 2016, the US Army will begin acceptance testing for a smart grenade launcher dubbed the XM25. The XM25 is a smart grenade launcher built by Orbital ATK and has […]


US Army Develops Exoskeleton To Teach Soldiers How To Shoot

While the movies certainly makes it look easy when it comes to firing a gun, the reality is a bit different. There are other factors you have to take into consideration, like the weight and size of the gun, not to mention the recoil. There will also be issues like muscle tremors that could totally throw your aim off. To help speed up the process of learning to fire a […]

US Army And Air Force Will Use Lasers To Clear Landmines

IEDs are extremely dangerous and chances are you have read stories of how old IEDs planted in previous wars are still exploding around the world, killing and maiming innocent people who might have accidentally stumbled across them. In fact even when sending in a trained professional to clear these mines, they can still be very dangerous. This is why both the US army and the air force have recently come […]

The US Army Is Getting Hoverbikes Of Their Own

More than once, sci-fi/futuristic movies have shown us what a world would be like if hoverbikes existed – very cool indeed, but the question is with today’s technology, would it be impossible to create one? As it turns out the answer is no, and the good news is that it looks like the US army could be getting hoverbikes in the future. A report from Reuters has revealed that the […]

US Army Testing Clip-On Rifle Ray Gun Attachments

It is only in movies that we see guns firing lasers, sonic blasts, rays, and etc. In real life and for the most part, guns just fire regular bullets. However it looks like the US Army is trying to give its soldiers an edge over the enemy as it appears that they are testing ray gun attachments for their soldiers’ rifles. Dubbed the Burke Pulser attachment, basically these ray gun […]

President Obama: We Are Building Iron Man. Maybe.

Remember that scene in the first Iron Man movie where Tony Stark admits that he is Iron Man? Well President Barack Obama had a similar moment when he recently announced the the US Army will be building an Iron Man-like suit of their own. In his speech (check it out in the video above), President Obama was quoted as saying, “Basically, I’m here to announce that we’re building Iron Man […]

Brains scanned for potential battlefield threats

Things seem to get better and better for soldiers on the battlefield as more and more technology start to take their rightful place. The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) recently combined soldiers brains to technology successfully, where a massive 120-megapixel camera as well as multiple computers running complex cognitive algorithms, known as a “cybernetic hivemind”, will work in tandem to sort out potential threats on the battlefield in double […]

US Army looks at 4G communication system for wounded soldiers

Both medics on the battlefield as well as army doctors can be said to be professional colleagues, although it is by no means a stretch of the imagination to figure out who has the more “exciting” operation theater to work in. Medics tend to be thrown into situations where wounded soldiers require urgent and immediate attention where a trained surgeon would come in handy, and said surgeon would be able […]

Superior armor being researched for the US Army

Every single day, there are members of the US Army around the world who get in the line of fire while fulfilling their duty for the country, and needless to say, some of these encounters result in serious injury or even death. The US Army intends to cut down on the mortality rate by handing over $90 million to Johns Hopkins University so that a team of researchers at Rutgers […]

CTA Digital milks partnership with US Army

With so many war games being made available to the console and PC platforms, it makes perfect sense then, for gaming peripheral manufacturer CTA Digital introduce the fruits of their partnership with the US Army – by rolling out US Army branded video game accessories. You can pick up plastic rifle controllers, backpacks and headsets that will come with an authentic US Army design in order to up the realism […]

Argus drone with 1.8-gigapixel camera

Drones are useful – they not only get behind enemy lines to make sure the job is done, it also more or less eliminates the risk of losing someone’s life in the process. Most drones used by the army comes in the form of an airplane, but the Argus-IS is different, considering how it is inspired by the helicopter, allowing it to hover around. This translates to the ability to […]