Articles about USB type-c

Apple Now Selling USB-C Watch Charger
Apple has added a couple of new products to its store today and the iPhone XR is one of them. The other is a USB-C charger for the Apple Watch. The only way you could charge the company’s smartwatch previously was using the USB-A cable. This made it difficult for users to charge the wearable device particularly if they owned a late 2016 and onwards MacBook Pro.

New Surface Pro Will Get A USB Type-C Dongle
Microsoft launched the new Surface Pro today. It’s not the Surface Pro 5, mind you, but an incremental update of the Surface Pro 4. It comes with Intel Kaby Lake processors and other refinements that will provide a better user experience to customers. However, the new Surface Pro doesn’t have a USB Type-C port, something that’s common on almost all high-end computers now. Microsoft’s solution for that is a USB […]

Belkin Launches Kevlar-Made USB Type-C Cable
Are you fed up of your USB cables tearing up? Belkin has a solution for you. The company is now expanding its lineup of Mixit DuraTek cables that are made with Kevlar fiber by adding a new USB Type-C cable to the collection. Given the material used in the construction of this cable, it goes without saying that this USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable from Belkin is going to […]

iPhone 8 Cable Will Switch To USB Type-C
It was reported earlier this week that Apple might make a significant change to its flagship smartphone this year by doing away with the proprietary Lightning connector in favor of a more conventional USB Type-C port. That report has since been contradicted multiple times even though it came from The Wall Street Journal which isn’t really known for throwing stuff against the wall to see what sticks. However, according to […]


Satechi USB-C Power Meter Will Help You Protect Your Tech
USB-Type C may be the new universal port specification but it’s not common just yet. It’s gradually being adopted for new notebooks and smartphones so it’s going to take a lot of time before it’s as universal as its predecessor. Then there’s the problem of bad USB-C cables that can damage your stuff if they draw too much power or are not wired correctly. Satechi says its new USB-C Power […]

Sony Won't Be Ditching 3.5mm Headphone Jack Soon
Smartphone manufacturers are slowly picking up on the trend of removing the standard 3.5mm headphone jack in a bid to make their devices slimmer. They opt for a USB Type-C port instead which can do audio, data transfer, and device charging all through a single port, even if it presents the problem of not being able to use wired headphones when the phone is being charged. Sony doesn’t seem too […]