USB-Type C may be the new universal port specification but it’s not common just yet. It’s gradually being adopted for new notebooks and smartphones so it’s going to take a lot of time before it’s as universal as its predecessor. Then there’s the problem of bad USB-C cables that can damage your stuff if they draw too much power or are not wired correctly. Satechi says its new USB-C Power Meter will help you protect your tech.

There are countless manufacturers selling third-party USB-C cables online but you can never know if they function as they’re supposed to do. Your only resource to find that out is Google engineer Benson Leung who tests USB-C cables and posts the results online.

This is where Satechi steps in with its USB-C Power Meter. The company says this product is going to measure the current, voltage, and current over time that a USB-C cable is sending to and from a compatible device.

If this meter works as the company is claiming, it’s going to provide users with valuable information to ensure that they don’t unintentionally end up frying their devices. That’s an if because third-party verification will be required to be sure that the meter works as advertised.

However, if you’d rather go beyond this information for more technical data, then Leung is your best bet. If you’re interested in trying out the meter, head over to Satechi’s website and pick one up for $29.99.

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