Stery-Hand makes sure you wash your hands properly

When you wash your hands, how do you know if your hands are clean enough? Most of the time you don’t really know. A test would be to eat food using your bare hands and see if you get sick the next day – other than that, there’s really not much you can do. Well, some students from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics have come up with a […]

UV Toothbrush Sanitizer Case

While this isn’t the kinetic energy powered UV toothbrush that we brought to your attention a few days ago, it’s probably good enough for most people who are worried about the hygiene of toothbrushes. This USB-powered gadget will allow you to sanitize your toothbrush at the office or anywhere as long as you have access to a working USB port. Isn’t USB a blessing?

Pureray ultraviolet baby bottle zaps pathogens

Most parents, especially first timers, are extremely wary of the threats of external viruses and bugs that could cause harm to their newborn. Others go the extra mile by making sure the baby’s bottle they use is always microwaved liberally and wiped away with a disinfectant-laced wipe to make sure no bacteria or nasty viruses will play havoc with baby’s immune system. The Ultraviolet Baby Bottle takes a different approach, […]