Tidal Becomes First Music Streaming Service To Accept Venmo

Tidal has confirmed that it’s adding Venmo as a new payment method for subscribers. It has thus become the first music streaming service to allow subscribers to pay for their plans with Venmo. They will be able to select this as a payment option in the app and the company will charge their monthly subscription fee to their Venmo account or linked payment method.

Hulu Now Accepts Payments Using Venmo

When it comes to making payments online, you’ve got your usual suspects such as Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, and in some cases Apple Pay too. That is pretty much standard fare across most online platforms, however it seems that Hulu is adding a new option for users who who to pay for its services in the form of Venmo.

Venmo Instant Transfer To Bank Account Fee Increased

Venmo has been charging 25 cents for its instant bank account transfer service ever since it was launched. The service lets you transfer money from your Venmo account to your personal debit card instantly. It’s now raising this fee. Venmo has started sending out emails to users in order to notify them that it will soon cost them more to instantly transfer money from their Venmo account to their bank […]

You Can Now Pay For Uber With Venmo

It was announced back in July that Uber will soon be able to accept Venmo as a payment method for rides and Uber Eats. It has taken a couple of months for the payment service to be accepted by Uber. The ride-hailing service has now started sending out emails to users informing them that they will be able to pay for Uber with Venmo.


You Will Soon Be Able To Pay For Uber With Venmo

Uber users will soon be able to use another payment method to pay for their rides. PayPal has confirmed that it will enable Uber riders to pay with their Venmo balance. This will let them settle the bill for their rides with the money that’s in their Venmo accounts. Uber is going to officially launch this “Pay with Venmo” in the near future.

Venmo Launches Physical Debit Card

Venmo may have started out with the aim of eliminating the need for people to carry physical payment cards but it now appears to be accepting the reality that most people don’t actually mind carrying plastic in their wallets. To that end, the company today announced the launch of its first physical debit card. The Mastercard-issued card will enable Venmo users to spend their account balance anywhere they can pay […]

Venmo Will No Longer Support Payments Made Through Its Website

Just like how with PayPal, users can opt to make payments through the website or through the mobile app. There is no right or wrong way, just personal preferences. However it seems that with Venmo, the company has decided that they will only support payments made through its mobile app moving forwards.

Venmo Now Supports Instant Money Transfer To Debit Cards

Venmo, owned by PayPal, has added a new feature to its service called Instant Transfer. As the name suggests, it will enable users to instantly transfer money to their debit cards. Venmo had announced for this support in the summer of 2017 initially and it’s now rolling out this feature to all users. Users can utilize this feature to have their funds deposited in their debit cards instantly, they won’t […]

Apple Reportedly Still Working On Its Money Transfer Service

It was reported a few months ago that Apple was working on its own peer-to-peer money transfer service to rival the likes of Venmo. The service would presumably exist under the Apple Pay umbrella, enabling users to easily and quickly transfer money to each other in a manner not too different from Square Cash and Venmo. According to a new report, Apple’s work on this payment transfer service still continues.