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CDMA iPhone codenamed "ACME", requires 12-hourly PIN for security measures
Remember how the whole world (or so it seemed at that time) waited with bated breath for news of a CDMA iPhone, which finally arrived on Verizon Wireless? Well, take a back seat and enjoy your cup of joe as we bring you back in time by divulging some information about the CDMA iPhone. It has a nickname – ACME, where Verizon engineers were supposedly working at it for half […]

Verizon iPhone 4 teardown reveals dual-mode CDMA, GSM Qualcomm chip
Before the Verizon CDMA iPhone was unveiled, folks were speculating if the carrier would be offering a CDMA + GSM iPhone. Now the folks over at iFixit have taken the latest iPhone apart and found that the phone includes a Qualcomm MDM6600 chip, which supports high-speed HSPA and CDMA frequencies and is the same chipset used in the Droid Pro world phone. This more or less means that the Verizon […]

TeleNav GPS app launching for iPhone 4 on Verizon
TeleNav has announced that its TeleNav GPS app will be available on the Apple App Store as a free download for the Verizon iPhone 4 upon certification and folks who download it will receive free maps and local search capabilities, along with free access to advanced navigation features, such as spoken turn-by-turn directions and 3D moving maps for the first 30 days after download. After the 30-day trial period is […]

Pegatron to ship 15 million CDMA iPhones this year
To get an idea on just how much of a push Verizon will make with their recently announced CDMA iPhone, Pegatron, one of the major manufacturers, is tipped to ship anywhere from 12 million to 15 million units of these puppies this year. Sounds like good news? Absolutely – considering the company needed this bit of boost to help it cover the recent loss of orders when it came to […]


iOS 4.3 personal hotspot feature confirmed
While we were still mulling over the question as to why GSM iPhones lack the personal hotspot feature, here we play the role of being a Verizon iPhone. Of course, the mobile carriers will have to do their part by supporting this feature, so when it comes to AT&T, this might not happen overnight. The more customer friendly (read: lenient ) carriers might just be pleased to know about this […]

White iPhone 4 pictured on Verizon's site and removed
Seems like with the CDMA iPhone rumors finally put to rest (after so many years, we might add) the merry go round of the white iPhone 4 is surfacing again. It wasn’t too long after Verizon announced the CDMA iPhone 4 that folks noticed that there was a white iPhone 4 pictured on Verizon’s site, breathing life into the white iPhone 4 rumors again.

Verizon iPhone announced
The Holy Grail is here – the Verizon iPhone has arrived. Expect to see millions of people flock over to Verizon from AT&T, where they will gladly accept the CDMA (non-LTE) version of the iPhone 4 – from next month onwards, of course. How many of you will have your contracts up by the end of this month, and will make the switch? The phone has apparently been in testing […]

Verizon site shows Apple iOS listing
Are folks getting too jumpy over everything related to Apple and Verizon in anticipation that a Verizon iPhone is arriving? Folks have noticed that when browsing through the Brand/OS section in Verizon’s smartphone list, you’ll notice entries for “Apple” and “Apple iOS” sitting right in front of you, though they’re faded out, so you won’t be able to select it. Of course, Verizon already offers the Wi-Fi iPad, so it […]

Verizon buying up iPhone-related domains
If the previous leak wasn’t enough to convince you that Verizon and Apple are lining up a CDMA iPhone, this latest leak might just do the trick. Folks have discovered that a company called Verizon Trademark Services LLC has been purchasing Verizon iPhone-related domains from their previous owners, such as and The same company also owns, so it’s definitely affiliated with Big Red. Some additional information has […]

Verizon iPhone Rumored To Support LTE And Launch Right After Christmas
Considering the number of Verizon iPhone rumors that we’ve seen over the last few months, you can never be sure about the reports that surface from time to time, but this one is rather interesting. The rumors claim that the upcoming Verizon iPhone will support Verizon’s new faster LTE network for 4G data speeds and it will be announced right after Christmas. The report claims that Verizon is waiting for […]