Articles about video surveillance

Hidden Camera Found In An Airbnb After Guest Scans Wi-Fi Network
Airbnb is a great service for those looking to rent a spare room in an apartment or even an entire apartment or house for a short period of time. Many travelers use it regularly if they don’t prefer staying at a hotel or if they just find a cheaper option. It turned out to be a bad option in this instance for Airbnb user Andrew Barker who found a hidden […]

Lenovo VoIP 360 Camera Speaker Allows For On-The-Go Video Conferencing
Lenovo has unveiled a new product at the Consumer Electronics Show 2019 which will prove to be useful for busy professionals. The VoIP 360 Camera Speaker will allow for on-the-go video conferencing so whether users are working at home or in a more private environment, they’ll easily be able to conduct multi-user video meetings.

The S-Cradle Turns Old Smartphones Into 350 Degrees Cameras
The S-Cradle (aka Security Cradle) is an upcoming product from a Korean company called Saintioe. I bumped into them at the Startup Launchpad within the Global Sources electronic expo in Hong Kong, in the Startup Launchpad section. The idea isn’t new, but S-Cradle may succeed where others failed.

Snapdragon Ready For Connected Cameras
We already know that Qualcomm is very serious about IoT, but it is about to make a new push in Connected Cameras and enable partners to create pressure and disruption in the coming months. Qualcomm will address that market with a complete Connected Camera platform that is pretty much ready-to-use. It offloads a huge chunk of the electronic and communications development from partners, leaving OEMs to create the Industrial Design […]


Arlo Security Camera Review
As homes are getting smarter and more connected so have the number of cloud-connected home-surveillance webcam offerings on the market. Until recently, customers had to choose between cheap hardware and awful user interface or expensive hardware and better interface. Admittedly, there were also some awful-everything.Arlo is a refreshing take on a market currently dominated by products like Dropcam Pro, which has been acquired by Nest, which was acquired by Google… […]

Netatmo Welcome Camera
Following in the footsteps of competitors Withings and Dropcam, Netatmo is launching Welcome at CES 2015, a smart home camera featuring face recognition. The surveillance device learns to recognize family members and is able to send their names to the user’s smartphone, when an unknown face appears, the application notifies the homeowner.