Wyze has an indoor garage door controller that works with the Wyze Cam v3 (sold separately). The user prints and places a simple QR code on the door (see photo), and that’s enough for the webcam to “see” if the door is opened or closed.

It retails for only $40, and I like the simplicity of this extension and how it’s supposed to work. I haven’t tried one, so I can’t vouch for how good (or not) it might be, but I like the overall principle. In theory, this combo could easily replace a classic (proximity) sensor.

You need to check if it is compatible with your motorized garage door opener (more info in the FAQ).

Wyze claims that this is using “AI.” Sure, but it seems more like a glorified QR-code reader than anything brilliant. This might also mean that the app might not realize if the door is only 10% open.

With more sophisticated AI, there would be more potential for AI services such as recognizing “people” in general and specific persons (family members) as other webcam security services do.

It’s also lovely to visually check from your phone if the garage door is closed or not, to be 100% certain. Every time the door changes state, the Wyze app will notify you.

The only downside to these uber gadgets is the potential for hacking, and it’s not 100% guaranteed that hackers might not access the video feed or even remotely control the device. That said, criminals are more likely to force the door than hack it.

This seems like a great solution if you want to have video surveillance in the garage anyway. The competition is now working hard to create a copycat.

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