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Vimeo launches pay-to-view beta together with 6 new movies
Vimeo is announcing the preview phase of its incoming pay-to-view service by releasing six movies. The six movies, which includes “We Are Legion: The Story of Hacktivists,” a documentary about the culture and history of Anonymous, are Vimeo’s attempt to showcase its flexible suite of features for creators to sell their films directly to their audiences with control over pricing, viewing periods, release geography, and bonus content features. Users who […]

Vimeo unveils Enhancer for better videos
Vimeo has lifted the veil on their new Enhancer option that will enable you to produce better videos, as you now have the ability of throwing in any of more than 50,000 music tracks that are available from the Vimeo Music Store to your Vimeo videos straight from the site without any hassles. New music partner SmartSound has also thrown in nearly 4,000 customizable tracks in order to offer you […]

Vimeo app now on Windows Phone
It’s taken awhile, but it looks like one of YouTube’s competitors – Vimeo, has finally made it to Windows Phone in the form of an official app. If you’re a Vimeo user, this app should be suitable for all your needs – watch and manage your existing videos, watch videos from your Vimeo inbox, Watch Later queue or videos you have liked, like, comment and add videos to your Watch […]

Vimeo Perks Offers Discounts for Paying Users
Vimeo is launching Vimeo Perks, a discount program that offers discount ranging from 5% to 25% on select products from a number of partners like B&H, which is offering a dozen packages of products at discounted prices for the launch.  Vimeo told me that it is not making money from these deals, and that it came up with the Perks to bring more value to its users.


Official Vimeo app now on the iPhone
dVimeo, one of the higher-quality video streaming websites online, has just announced a new app for the iPhone, designed especially for Vimeo subscribers (both free and plus). The app will allow users to access all the features and functions of their Vimeo account without having to use their web browser. The app also brings some basic video editing functionality to the iPhone, so that users can shoot videos, edit them […]

Vimeo to offer video editing functions as part of YouTube rival DNA
If you want to go head to head against an 800 pound gorilla, what better weapon to have than a heavier fist and some really serious firepower to knock it out cold, although some others might prefer to take the more cunning route of a poison-laced banana. Vimeo decides to take the former route by offering a new app on the Apple App Store, where this app will let one […]

Vimeo Gets Couch Mode For Living Room Viewing
YouTube Leanback isn’t the only interface that’s suitable for coach potatoes as Vimeo has also released what it calls “couch mode“. The interface allows users to get a full-screen video player, complete with large buttons and straightforward navigation to various video playlists, making it suitable for your Google TV or HTPC. Couch mode includes features such as Vimeo’s HD playlist, staff picks, various videos from subscribed channels and more. A […]

Vimeo also supports HTML5 video
YouTube isn’t the only one to play nice with HTML5, as Vimeo also ensures its library is compatible with HTML5 video. Bear in mind that HTML5 video will function in Safari and Chrome browsers only at point of publishing, although it might end up as a standard feature in other major browsers in due time. Why HTML5, you ask? Well, the Flash video standard doesn’t fare too well on Mac […]