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Vimeo Launches Channel Dedicated To Holographic Content
A few years ago, 3D video content seemed to be the in thing, where we saw handset makers launch smartphones that would feature glasses-free 3D displays. Then we saw TV makers also launch similar devices, some that required glasses, some that did not require glasses, although admittedly the trend has somewhat died down.

Vimeo Now Lets Users Stream To Multiple Platforms Simultaneously
It is obvious that YouTube is currently the king when it comes to online videos, and while platforms like Vimeo and Dailymotion are still alive and well, it’s hard to not associate online videos with YouTube, although some platforms such as Facebook are trying to become the de facto platform for video watching.

Vimeo Gets Support For HDR Videos
Video streaming service Vimeo today announced that it finally supports HDR videos on its platform. HDR videos can now be uploaded to Vimeo and the service promises to retain “as much quality as possible” for all HDR uploads. With support for 10-bit video, Vimeo can now bring over one billion colors to the screen, enabling the video quality to be strikingly clear and cleaner than ever before.

Vimeo Adds Live Streaming Functionality
Vimeo, possibly the only video sharing website widely known across the globe after YouTube, today announced that it has added live streaming functionality to its platform for the first time. This has been made possible by the company’s acquisition of video broadcasting service Livestream. Vimeo users can now live stream video from anywhere in the world.


Vimeo Axes Plans For Their Video Subscription Service
Video services like YouTube has and still does rely on advertising as a means of generating revenue for themselves as well as for content creators. However in recent times YouTube introduced a subscription based service in the form of YouTube Red which grants access to exclusive content and removes ads for a monthly subscription fee.

Vimeo Now Supports 360-Degree Videos
Back in 2015, YouTube announced their support for 360-degree videos where users could upload videos captured in 360, and where viewers get to pan around the video using their phones, computers, or even a virtual reality (VR) headset. Given Facebook’s interest in video and their interest in VR, it didn’t take long for the social network to hop on board as well.

New Vimeo Apps Released For Apple TV, Android TV, And Samsung Smart TVs
YouTube rival Vimeo today announced the launch of its new applications for Apple TV, Android TV, and Samsung smart TVs. This is Vimeo’s first HTML5-based TV app on the Tizen OS that powers Samsung’s smart TVs. Vimeo says that the new apps introduce a complete rebuild of its TV experience and that they have been customized for watching and discovering content on these platforms.

Vimeo Streaming Service Reportedly Being Developed
It appears that Vimeo is looking to get into the online video streaming game as well to go up against the likes of Netflix and Hulu. According to a report, the company has declared its intention to launch a streaming service of its own in a letter sent to its shareholders. The letter comes from interim CEO Joey Levin who adds that the company will be able to run its […]

Vimeo For Android Now Supported On Chromecast
YouTube might be the main video streaming platform at the moment, but there are still plenty of alternatives, such as Vimeo. Now the good news for Android users is that if you’ve been waiting for the ability to stream Vimeo videos via the Chromecast, you will be pleased to learn that you will now be able to.

Vimeo Starts Offering 4K Video As Well, But Its Not Streaming Yet
Popular online video streaming services like Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime have all started to dabble into 4K streaming. Vimeo doesn’t want to be out of the fray so it has started offering 4K video to users as well, but unlike the others, it is staying away from streaming video in 4K for now. Instead Vimeo is allowing Pro subscribers to offer their movies for download in 4K, enabling users […]

Vimeo's New Mobile Site Offers Watch Later Option
Vimeo, the popular video sharing service, has just introduced a brand new mobile site which will deliver something that many of its users have been waiting for, which would be the “Watch Later” option, although that alone is not the only thing that this new mobile site offers. In fact, the new mobile site would play down the importance of navigation, but instead, chooses to focus on full screen video […]

Vimeo Announces New Copyright Matching System
When it comes to swiftly removing copyrighted content, whether it be a video from a TV show, movie, or even a video that uses a copyrighted song, YouTube is pretty good at that. However there are alternative video websites out there, like DailyMotion and Vimeo, who have been pretty relaxed, at least for the most part.Unfortunately if you were hoping that Vimeo would be a good alternative for copyrighted songs […]

Indonesia Issues Vimeo Ban, Cites Porn As Reason
We have seen the banhammer come down hard and fast in different countries for various online services, and YouTube is one of the more popular ones. Well, it seems that Vimeo is on the receiving end of the banhammer today as Indonesia has issued a ban on Vimeo, with the communications ministry accusing Vimeo of hosting pornographic content. Needless to say, the world’s most populous Muslim country has seen a […]

Vimeo And Flickr Integration In iOS 7 Rumored
Rumor has it that iOS 7 will come with Flickr and Vimeo integration, similar to that of Facebook and Twitter integration.