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'The Force Awakens' Vinyl Soundtrack Boasts Of Holograms
The world of Star Wars is a fascinating one, and you can be sure that this is one pretty tough cash cow to kill off – which is not a wonder at all that Disney has plans to roll out a new Star Wars movie every single year…forever. We could live with that. If you have some loose change to spare, then you might want to check out The Force […]

Columbia House Counting On Vinyl Resurgence For Its Revival
Millennials can be forgiven for not knowing about Columbia House because by the time they grew up this company had practically lost all of its importance that it held on to for decades. This mail-order service actually went bankrupt over the summer primarily because nobody wants to buy discs anymore when digital downloads and streaming have made life so much easier. The company doesn’t want to go down without a fight though […]

Ubisoft To Release Assassin’s Creed Soundtracks On Vinyl
When playing a game, what helps make it immersive is great storytelling, gameplay, and let’s not forget sound effects and music. In fact if you tried playing Thatgamecompany’s Journey with the music off, chances are it would feel like a very, very different game. That being said, fans of Assassin’s Creed will be pleased to learn that Ubisoft will be publishing the game’s soundtracks.In fact the company will be teaming […]