assassin's creed syndicateWhen playing a game, what helps make it immersive is great storytelling, gameplay, and let’s not forget sound effects and music. In fact if you tried playing Thatgamecompany’s Journey with the music off, chances are it would feel like a very, very different game. That being said, fans of Assassin’s Creed will be pleased to learn that Ubisoft will be publishing the game’s soundtracks.


In fact the company will be teaming up with record distributor Sumthing Else Music Works to release the soundtracks, where it will be released on vinyl. Of course there will be CD offerings for those who prefer that particular format, but vinyl collectors will be happy to know that they could soon be adding more songs to their collection.

However unlike the CD releases which will pretty much cover every Assassin’s Creed game released to date, the vinyl releases will only be from “select” Assassin’s Creed games and will be released in 2016. It is unclear as to which titles will receive the vinyl version, so we guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Assassin’s Creed won’t be the first game to have its soundtrack released on vinyl. Previously we’ve seen titles such as The Last of Us, Journey, and Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto released on vinyl, and can we blame them? After all recent numbers have revealed that vinyl sales are actually on the rise. So, will you be collecting the Assassin’s Creed vinyls?

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