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Windows MR Headset Support Coming To HTC Viveport
HTC continues to expand support for the Viveport VR store. The company has now confirmed that all Windows Mixed Reality headsets will be able to access the Viveport VR store starting next month. Not only that, they will also be able to access its Viveport Infinity subscription service. This will provide a boost in the content available for Microsoft’s headset platform.

HTC Opens Viveport VR Subscriptions For Oculus Rift
Facebook-owned Oculus is one of HTC’s main competitors in the virtual reality arena and yet the company is now opening up its VR subscription service for Oculus Rift owners. HTC has decided to allow Oculus Rift owners to purchase a Viveport VR subscription. The subscription service will thus be available on a non-HTC virtual reality headset.

HTC Launches $7 Viveport Subscription Service
To commemorate the first anniversary of its first virtual reality headset called Vive, HTC has announced that it’s now going to offer a $7 subscription option for Viveport, the virtual reality content distribution platform that it launched in September last year. A Viveport subscription will enable Vive owners to access a world of virtual reality content including experiences and games without having to pay for such content individually.

HTC Vivepaper Launched To Bring Magazines To Virtual Reality
HTC has launched a new app called Vivepaper to bring magazines to virtual reality. The app will enable users to experience interactive virtual reality content from a host of publishers, all they need to do is wear the headset and scan a physical AR booklet so that they can read that magazine in virtual reality complete with 3D content, 360-degree videos, audio, and additional content.


HTC Viveport VR App Store Launched
HTC is working hard to establish itself as a major player in the virtual reality market. Its Vive headset has been well received and now the company is working on improving the software offerings for its VR headset. The HTC Viveport VR App Store first went live in China earlier this year in April and now HTC has confirmed that the Viveport has gone live for all users across the […]