HTC has launched a new app called Vivepaper to bring magazines to virtual reality. The app will enable users to experience interactive virtual reality content from a host of publishers, all they need to do is wear the headset and scan a physical AR booklet so that they can read that magazine in virtual reality complete with 3D content, 360-degree videos, audio, and additional content.


HTC makes use of the headset’s passthrough camera to enable augmented virtual reality by enabling viewers to experience the virtual world while they are able to touch physical objects, which would be the AR booklet in this case.

HTC has launched Vivepaper in China initially with Conde Nast Traveler (China Edition). The company has said that more publishers in China will soon release even more content for Vivepaper in the near future. HTC has also said that it’s “in discussions with several other major western publishers to release Vivepaper version of their content outside China shortly.”

The company points out that Vivepaper is a new way for publishers to bring books, newspapers, and magazines to virtual reality without sacrificing the experience of actually feeling content in hand instead of just viewing it on a screen.

Vivepaper will go live on the Viveport store for Vive PC and on Android mobile through the Viveport M developer beta tomorrow, October 31st.

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