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Vivo X5 Max Is Official
About a week ago, Vivo teased the X5 Max handset and based on the initial teaser photo, the handset certainly looked pretty damn thin! Well the good news is that if you were wondering when the phone would be announced, you’re in luck as Vivo has officially taken the wraps off the Vivo X5 Max Android smartphone.Just as the teaser photo suggested, the X5 Max is indeed a very thin […]

Vivo X5 Max Teased, Looks Incredibly Thin
Vivo might not necessarily be a household name in the US, but they certainly have been making waves, especially as they were one of the first few companies to release a smartphone with a QHD display in the form of the Vivo Xplay 3S. Well it looks like the company is coming back with a new phone in the form of the Vivo X5 Max, a phone which could very […]

Vivo X5 Max Smartphone To Get Official Announcement This December 10
It seems that the world’s thinnest smartphone, or so as claimed by the folks over at Vivo, is set to be announced this coming December 10th. Known as the Vivo X5 Max smartphone, this particular device is said to measure a stunning 4.75mm in terms of thickness. At this point in time, this particular mantle belongs to the Oppo R5, where that particular model comes with a dimension of 148.9mm […]

Vivo X5 Max To Get Official Announcement In December (Rumor)
The Vivo X5 Max has made some rounds in various news channels over the past few weeks, and it seems that the latest round of rumors do point to an upcoming official announcement of the smartphone that is set to happen some time in December. I suppose that is great news for those who would want to own what would be deemed to be the thinnest smartphone on the planet […]


Vivo X5 Max Claims To Be Thinnest Smartphone In The World
Thin is in – this is undeniable, ranging from LG’s move to deliver a near bezel-less experience where smartphones are concerned, not to mention the race being on when it comes to the world’s slimmest or thinnest smartphone. As though all of the #bendgate controversies are not enough, along comes the Vivo X5 Max which intends to claim the mantle of the world’s thinnest smartphone from the Oppo R5, which […]