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The Moon Is Getting Its Own 4G Network
Have you ever wondered if it was possible to enable high-definition streaming from the lunar surface for viewers on Earth? That might very well be possible in the future as a 4G mobile phone network is going to be set up on the Moon. It’s part of a project to support the first privately funded mission to the moon as a result of which the first mobile phone network on […]

British Seals Get Smartphones
Now, the idea of fitting electronic devices to animals is definitely not a new thing at all, especially since technology has advanced to such an extent where we use them to locate the animals, no matter where they are in the world. This time around, we have British harbor seals that have been fitted with smartphones by scientists in an effort to stop the rather mysterious decline of the iconic […]

Vodafone Returns To The U.S. As MVNO
It was assumed that since Vodafone had sold its stake in Verizon back to Big Red the communications giant, based in the UK, had permanently pulled out of the U.S. market. Vodafone’s stake was worth $130 billion and many believed that it would take its money and run. That’s not proving to be the case. Vodafone has announced its return to the U.S. market through a press release published online, […]

Vodafone Reveals Smart Power 4 Smartphone
Not everyone is able to own a high end smartphone, and more often than not, it would be the entry level and mid-range models that are the “bread and butter” for many a smartphone manufacturing company. Vodafone has just revealed a decent smartphone that will not blow away competition like the Galaxy S5, but rather, the Smart Power 4 that ought to offer affordable performance to the masses.


Vodafone Admits To Intercepted Customer Calls By Government Wiretaps
Now this is probably not going to sound a lot like a shocker after what we have gone through in the past year with revelations on the NSA from Edward Snowden, but it is still unnerving to say the least. Telecoms operator Vodafone has admitted that government agencies did install wires in the company’s system which allowed them to eavesdrop on customer calls, in addition to keeping track of them.

SoftBank Reportedly Considering Bid For Vodafone
Time and again it has been rumored that SoftBank is shopping around for a major mobile carrier. Over the past few months there has been endless speculation about a possible acquisition of T-Mobile U.S. by SoftBank, and a subsequent merger with Sprint, which it owns. Apparently federal regulators aren’t warming up to the idea, so perhaps SoftBank has started looking elsewhere. There’s increasing speculation that it may be considering a […]

Vodafone UK To Sell Gold Galaxy S5 Exclusively
Those who happen to be in the UK, love the Samsung Galaxy S5 and have a mind to pick one, and are eligible in their contract to get a new handset, might be interested to hear that Vodafone UK will be receiving pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S5 from March 28th onwards, where they will also be selling the device in a shade of gold as an exclusive.

Vodafone Germany Begins To Introduce SIM Card Based Encryption
Vodafone Germany has just announced a new SIM card based encryption for data communication over its network, where they intend to expand this particular feature to voice communication, too. Apparently, Vodafone has plans to secure customers’ data communication using a SIM card based solution that was made possible in the past thanks to the use of separate smart cards or tokens. Vodafone Germany came up with this particular solution after […]

Vodafone Instant Network Mini Delivers Mobile Networks When Disaster Strikes
Disasters can come upon us in the blink of an eye without us knowing any better. Take volcanic eruptions for instance – that, as well as a tsunami or an earthquake could just happen in a split second without any prior notice, leading to untold loss of lives as well as damage to property. In the event of a natural disaster, setting up a communications line is extremely important, and […]

AT&T Announces They Have No Intention Of Bidding On Vodafone
It seems that AT&T can’t catch a break these days when it comes to bidding on other companies. According to our report from earlier, it seemed that AT&T was willing to bid for UK carrier, Vodafone, and was willing to pay as much as $80 billion for the company. Unfortunately it seems that was not the case as AT&T has since released a statement announcing that they do not have […]

AT&T Willing To Bid Over $80 Billion For Vodafone [Report]
European telecom juggernaut Vodafone has agreed to sell its 45 percent stake in Verizon Wireless to Verizon Communications for $130 billion, the shareholders of both companies meet next Tuesday to vote on the deal. Vodafone might have agreed to end its association with a U.S. carrier, but if rumors are true, it may end up being acquired by one. Rumor has it that AT&T is willing to offer as much a […]

Vodafone Smart 4G IS First Own-Branded Smartphone
Vodafone has just unveiled that they too, have their very own branded smartphone that is known as the Vodafone Smart 4G. This particular handset is also the first from the mobile carrier to carry LTE connectivity, where the manufacturer of the Smart 4G would be Coolpad of China. Hence, it goes without saying that this is starting to shape up to be an extremely affordable device. The Vodafone Smart 4G […]

Vodafone Claims That Exploding iPad Was Not The iPad Air
Remember our story that we ran last week about an iPad which exploded? Well, back then we did mention that chances of identifying the correct iPad that burst into flames was one in four, since Apple is selling four different kinds of iPad models at the moment, but it seems that the iPad Air is now out of running from the race (which is a good thing for those who […]

AT&T Reportedly Considering Vodafone Takeover
Vodafone is the largest mobile carrier in Europe and AT&T reportedly wants a piece of it. Bloomberg reports today that AT&T’s employees are internally “laying the groundwork” for a takeover of Vodafone as soon as next year. Apparently both companies have yet to enter formal negotiations, but AT&T is said to be focusing on which Vodafone assets it would retain and which could be sold off to others if a […]