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Hacker Steals Details Of 2 Million Accounts From Vodafone Germany's Servers
Vodafone Germany announced today that its servers were targeted by a hacker recently, which resulted in an illegal intrusion. The hacker was able to steal data of more than 2 million accounts. Data included names, date of birth, gender, bank account numbers, bank sort code and addresses. Vodafone says that despite the intrusion, customers’ credit card data, passwords, phone numbers and call data was not stolen. The carrier believes that […]

Verizon Gets Sued By Shareholder Over Its $130 Billion Deal With Vodafone
A couple of weeks ago rumors were circulating that Verizon might finalize a deal with Vodafone to buy the latter’s 45 percent stake. Last week Verizon finally announced that the deal had been reached to the tune of $130 billion. Under the deal, Verizon pays the British telecommunications giant $59 billion in cash and another $60 billion in its stock and other considerations. A lawsuit has now been filed in a New […]

Verizon Confirms $130 Billion Deal With Vodafone
It was rumored last week that both Verizon Wireless and Vodafone were having discussions over a possible buyout of the latter’s 45 percent stake in Verizon. Vodafone had confirmed the talks a few days ago. Yesterday it was rumored that both parties might make an official announcement on Monday, which is today. The rumor has turned out to be true. Verizon Wireless has just confirmed the $130 billion deal which […]

Verizon's $130 Billion Vodafone Stake Buyout Might Be Announced Tomorrow
Britain’s Vodafone Group Plc currently holds a 45 percent stake in Verizon Wireless, the largest carrier in the U.S. Last week it was rumored that both parties were involved in discussions regarding a possible buyout of Vodafone’s stake, analysts believe such a deal might cost Verizon around $130 billion. Vodafone confirmed the talks a few days ago but an agreement has not been reached as of now. According to Reuters, […]


Vodafone Confirms Talks Underway With Verizon Wireless To Sell Its Stake
Earlier today rumors were circulating that Verizon Wireless is currently in talks with Britain’s Vodafone to buy back the latter’s 45 percent stake in the largest U.S. carrier. Vodafone has now confirmed that talks are indeed underway, adding that there’s “no certainty” that both parties will reach an agreement. Analysts expect that if a deal is reached, it may be worth up to $125 billion, making it one of the biggest deals […]

Vodafone To Roll Out Smart Tab III 7 And Smart Tab III 10 Tablets
Vodafone also wants a slice of the tablet pie, and in order to achieve that, they have plans to introduce a couple more tablets to the market that will continue from where the Vodafone Smart Tab II tablets left off after being introduced in 2012. The thing is, these tablets from Vodafone would be manufactured by the good people over at Lenovo, and courtesy of the Bluetooth SIG, we do […]

Sleeping Bag Charges Up Your Phone As You Snooze
Vodafone's Power Pockets juice up your smartphone while you sleep.

Vodafone's Power Shorts Uses Kinetic Energy To Charge Your Smartphone
Vodafone debuted its Power Shorts this past weekend, which uses kinetic energy to keep your mobile device charged.

Peregrine Falcon Forces Vodafone UK To Shutdown One Of Its Cell Towers
Considering that technology sometimes destroys nature in order for it to progress, it’s interesting to hear that sometimes nature can get the better of technology as is with the case of UK carrier Vodafone. The carrier has been forced to disable one of its cell towers in the city of Southampton after a peregrine falcon has decided to choose that particular area for its nest. With the bird enjoying protected […]

Vodafone To Launch 4G Services In Australia This June
When it comes to 4G connectivity, folks living in the US might take it for granted for quite a fair number of years already, but what about those citizens who live in other countries, and their geographical location happens to be on the other side of the world, basically? Perhaps it is time to see the world as it is – from a global perspective, and here we are with […]

Verizon Puts Vodafone Acquisition Rumors To Rest
It was rumored earlier that Verizon was teaming up with AT&T to acquire Vodafone, which is the second largest mobile carrier in the entire world. The deal was reportedly worth over $245 billion dollars. As rumors were circulating, Vodafone shares jumped over 6% but came down 3.4% when the carrier formally announced that is no plans of buying out Vodafone, either on its own or with a second bidding partner, […]

Verizon Could Purchase Vodafone Stake
Two giants in the mobile carrier world which share the first letter in their respective names, Vodafone and Verizon, could have finally arrived at a method to “resolve” their relationship in the jointly-owned carrier, Verizon Wireless. Word on the street has it that both Vodafone and Verizon are talking to each other, with the option of either merging both entities, or to have Verizon to purchase (partly or otherwise, in […]

Sony Xperia Z Available for Preorder on Vodafone UK
Vodafone UK has announced the Sony Xperia Z is now available for pre-order.  The phone which is 4G ready, is set to work the 4G network of Vodafone. Consumers have the option of buying the phone in either black or white color. The release date for the phone is set as February 28th. Vodafone is offering the device free on a contract of 24 months with a tariff of £42. […]

Apple Rushing Release Of iOS 6.1.1 To Address iPhone Battery Issues [Update]
It seems Vodafone’s recent advice to its users to not update their iPhones to iOS 6.1 caught the attention of Apple as it’s being reported the company is expediting a fix to correct the issues iOS users have been having with the latest version of the OS.iOS 6.1.1 is expected to fix the battery issues iOS users have been experiencing as well as the poor 3G performance Vodafone mentioned in […]