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Volkswagen Beetle R concept
Volkswagen certainly made heads turn many years ago when they unveiled the latest Beetle, and time seems to have mellowed down the once acrimonous feelings against the vehicle’s lines and shape. Nice to know that Volkswagen has decided to further up the ante with the high-performance Beetle R Concept that debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show. This is still in a design study phase, where it will be based on […]

Volkswagen Bulli concept has iPad compatibility
Volkswagen might just bring back the good old hippie days with their Bulli concept which is being paraded at the Geneva Motor Show, as this modern re-imagination of the legendary car offers built-in iPad support as a sign of the times, where your iOS-powered device will function as a control station for music as well as other sources of entertainment and information. Needless to say, if you have a 3G-connected […]

Volkswagen Mini-Gol is super cute
Who would have thought that the miniaturization process would have hit German manufacturer Volkswagen as well, where only two models of the Volkswagen Mini-Gol exist in Brazil, being used as show cars at auto events. This model is around 30% smaller compared to the original, where it will target those who are no taller than 5-feet. Powered by a 5.5hp engine, it is capable of hitting a maximum speed of […]

Volkswagen delivers audio surprise to newspaper readers in India
If you happen to be an avid reader of The Times of India, then chances are you would have been surprised with a fully voiced, audio ad from Volkswagen the moment you unfold the publication. This is a totally different idea when it comes to newspaper as, and we think that the readership will be split as to whether they would like to see similar ads in the future or […]


VW Routan To Get Wi-Fi
So much for inflight Wi-Fi – road warriors who need to remain connected regardless of where they are on this globe will be pleased to know that VW and Autonet Mobile are collaborating to offer the uconnect web in-car Internet service to VW’s Routan minivan. This good news won’t be limited to just Germany alone as later this month will see all Volkswagen dealerships across the US offering the option […]