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Rubinstein: Palm Pre, Pre Plus and Pixi not getting webOS 2.0 upgrade
This is bad news for owners of the original Palm Pre, Pre Plus and Pixi, as according to folks to talked who Jon Rubinstein after HP’s webOS event, it has been confirmed that said devices won’t be receiving the previously promised update to webOS 2.0. According to Rubinstein, Palm had missed a product cycle in the midst of its financial troubles and subsequent acquisition by HP and the older products […]

HP files for 3 new trademarks
No prizes for guessing what the next tablet from HP-Palm will be called. The giant computer manufacturer recently filed for 3 new trademarks, following the HP Touchpad from last week and the previous PalmPad trademark. The new trademarks filed are “HP Duopad”, “HP Touchslate” and “HP Touchcanvas”. It looks like they’re undecided on the product’s final name, or they’re preparing to release a whole onslaught of tablets this year the […]

HP Topaz specs leaked
It’s only fitting that a site named pre central gets the exclusive scoop on HP’s upcoming tablets, and the scoop is what they got. The folks there received a “massive document” that details HP’s plans for the Topaz webOS tablet. While the plans aren’t final, it sure looks like HP is going to release a pretty sweet tablet this year. The Topaz will feature a 9.7″ 1024 x 768 screen, […]

HP set to deliver Bluetooth keyboard accessory
We all know that HP is more than willing to roll out their device in the near future, but we’re left high and dry as to why nothing’s done just yet to speed up its release. Well, another confirmation that this is no vaporware – HP will also be rolling out a Bluetooth keyboard accessory that will play nice with the aforementioned tablet, where this keyboard will boast webOS […]


Virtual Keyboard Discovered In webOS 2.0
We previously noticed that there were references to a virtual keyboard in webOS 2.0 and now that the operating system is available (on the Pre 2), some folks out there have taken the time to tinker and confirmed the existence of a virtual keyboard. All they had to do was modify some config files and enable it in the operating system. After that is done, restart the device and hit […]

Rumored Palm Mansion to Sport 5-Inch Display
Rumors are circulating around HP Palm’s next-generation webOS 2.0 offering codenamed the Palm Mansion. That device is said to have a 5-inch WVGA screen that has a resolution of 480 X 800, which would make it comparable to the Android-powered Dell Streak. The 5-inch screen size would make the device either a large smartphone or a small tablet, and would offer users a larger screen than traditional phones, which top […]

Five Future Palm Devices Appear In webOS 2.0 Code?
Think that Palm can improve on the recently-unveiled Palm Pre 2 by introducing newer devices? While there isn’t any official confirmation of such a move just yet, some folks have found some device names hidden within SFR’s webOS 2.0 build for the Palm Pre 2, mentioning the Broadway, Windsor, Mantaray, Stingray and the Roadrunner. These devices were included with a line mentioning “temporarily not restoring logs for newer devices”, hinting […]

Palm Pre 2 official ad comes on
If you’re a die hard Palm fan and cannot believe your eyes that Palm’s line of Pre devices aren’t exactly burning up the sales charts, fret not. The webOS 2.0-powered Palm Pre 2 has just had its official advertisement released, otherwise known as Sizzle, with the ad also making its way to YouTube as well (who wouldn’t expect that?) which you can watch in the extended post. This ad will […]

New Palm Models P102UNA And P102EWW Mentioned
We must be inching closer towards the announcement of new Palm devices as the Palm models P102UNA and P102EWW have received their US and Canadian certifications. In case you aren’t familiar with the naming conventions, the former should indicate a North American GSM model, while the latter will indicate a CDMA version. Aside from the two phones, there was also a listing for a new inductive battery charger, which should point […]