We all know that HP is more than willing to roll out their https://www.ubergizmo.com/2010/12/hp-slate-500-unboxed/#mce_temp_url# device in the near future, but we’re left high and dry as to why nothing’s done just yet to speed up its release. Well, another confirmation that this is no vaporware – HP will also be rolling out a Bluetooth keyboard accessory that will play nice with the aforementioned tablet, where this keyboard will boast webOS function keys that cannot be found anywhere else, lacking a numeric keypad amidst a chiclet keyboard layout. Bummer for those who are used to backlit keys – this feature is missing, but perhaps that is a good thing since that option will probably place a far greater drain on the AA batteries that run it, which makes it counter-productive in the long run. How much do you think you are willing to fork out for something like this?

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