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Samsung thinking about buying webOS? (Rumor)
When HP announced that they would be discontinuing webOS for their smartphones and tablets, and that they were considering moving away from the PC business to focus on the enterprise market instead, there were rumors that Samsung was thinking about acquiring HP’s division, a rumor that was quickly denied later by Samsung themselves. Perhaps it was not the PC division that Samsung was interested in, but rather webOS, or that’s […]

Drawing of HP TouchPad is commanding close to $100,000 on eBay
How much would you pay for art? $5,000? $10,000? $20,000? I guess that question is a bit subjective depending on who’s the artist and what the painting is about, but then again art differs from people to people, with some people willing to pay a huge sum of money for a minimalist piece of art, while others prefer more detailed art. The question now is, how much would you be […]

White HP TouchPad spotted in the wild
With the HP TouchPad on sale for $99, it’s pretty much impossible to get your hands on one at this point of time, let alone a white-colored version of the tablet. Well, one lucky webOSroundup forum member managed to snag one before HP announced the discontinuation of webOS devices and started recalling them from stores nationwide. He had placed the order the day it went up for sale in the […]

HP TouchPad Review - With Our Deepest Condolences
HP TouchPad Review - It may look strange to post a review of a dead product, but, hell, it was almost finished when the news broke, and it might make a great digital obituary


HP TouchPad to get document editing this week
Despite’s HP’s plans to terminate webOS devices, it looks like not all hope is lost for consumers who own those devices. One of the tablet’s main problems at launch was its inability to edit documents from the tablet itself. Despite the fact that most people use their tablets for content consumption and not creation, a lot of consumers felt that the ability to edit documents on the go was a […]

Save webOS video tribute and plea released
With HP’s recent decision to stop producing webOS devices and its decision to not license the operating system to other manufacturers, it really looks like webOS as we know it has received the final nail in its coffin. If you’re upset about it, you’re not the only one, and recent price cuts and refunds won’t be bringing this OS back to life, however it might not be too late to […]

HP to refund money to TouchPad early adopters
This week, HP announced that its TouchPad tablets would be receiving a massive price reduction, with the price of the 16GB version dropping to only $99. While most consumers seemed pretty pleased – after all, they could finally try out a webOS device without investing too much. But there was a group of people who weren’t too pleased about the price cut – the early adopters of the HP TouchPad.

HP TouchPad receives massive price cut
HP may have decided to terminate its webOS devices but that doesn’t mean existing tablets that have already been built will magically disappear. And since they won’t be selling anymore webOS tablets in the future, they’ve decided to get rid of the existing tablets the fastest way they know how to (well, second fastest if you include incinerating them all) – by having a fire sale!In a memo that was […]

HP TouchPad pulled from Harvey Norman Australia
As most are aware, HP had overnight announced that they would be discontinuing webOS, and naturally this was a shock to many – potential customers, current owners of HP’s webOS tablet, the TouchPad, as well as retailers who may have placed huge orders on the TouchPad.

webOS is apparently faster on the iPad than HP's TouchPad
As it was shockingly revealed, HP announced that they would be discontinuing their webOS tablets and smartphones. It seems that the reason behind this was that their platform simply could not compete with iOS and Android, thus they had to throw in the towel and minimize their losses. It also appears that the hardware that HP had given its webOS team stopped them from being creative and innovative due to […]

HP Terminates WebOS Devices
In the wake of slow sales of WebOS devices, HP has announced that it is terminating its line of WebOS devices, which includes the TouchPad Tablet and the smartphones. HP has announced this as it revealed its quarterly revenue of $32.2 Billion, up slightly when compared to last year.If there’s one thing to take away from this announcement, it is this: competing in the hardware space is extremely tough and […]

HP looking to bring webOS to appliances and cars
Let’s face it, HP’s webOS platform is doing rather dismally compared to the big boys such as iOS and Android. In terms of performance, there doesn’t seem to be much complaints but what it lacks is perhaps a solid set of native apps along with a great app market, something that iOS and Android have managed to get right.

HP Pre 3 shows up on Orange UK website
It’s been many months since the HP Pre 3 was announced to the public, and we’re still not any closer to seeing the device on sale. Well, all that changed last Friday, when the folks over at precentral spotted an entry for the HP Pre 3 on the help & support section of the Orange UK website. Now it’s by no means a confirmation about the phone being released soon, […]

HP TouchPad 4G up for pre-order on Amazon
Interested in purchasing the new HP TouchPad tablet that features a faster internet connection than the one available now? Great news, because it looks like the HP TouchPad 4G could be almost upon us. The webOS 3 tablet headed for AT&T’s HSPA+ network was recently spotted as being available for pre-order on Amazon’s website. And like most 4G devices, the tablet isn’t going to come cheap.I wonder how long the […]