HP webOSAccording to reports online, HP’s CEO, Leo Apotheker announced that in 2012 – every HP PC will be able to run webOS as an integrated experience. What this really means is quite uncertain – either all HP PCs will ship with webOS as the main operating system or webOS will be an integrated user interface/shell that runs over or is integrated within Windows. What we do know is that HP plans to bring webOS to the masses and plans to let it dominate the world. Can webOS overtake its largest competitors – iOS and Android and Windows at the moment? It is uncertain, but if things go HP’s way, we might see it being a much more prominent operating system in the consumer market. They have the methods for rolling out the OS; now all they need to do is get developers onboard in order to make it work – as we all know, a fantastic user experience with no apps means nobody is going to be interested in using it.

Publisher’s note: hoping that HP would let us instantly boot on webOS to check email, browse the web and run webOS apps, then boot Windows on the side. It would be even better if we could switch back and forth between WebOS and Windows, if needed. In the meantime, such a release would give WebOS a critical mass that developer require before they target the platform.

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