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WiFi 6 Is The Next Generation Of Wireless Networking
You may never have paid attention to Wi-Fi specs when buying a wireless networking product like a router. If you’re like the many users who don’t care for the technicalities and differences between 802.11ac or a/b/g/n then rejoice, because the Wi-Fi Alliance is making it easier to understand it all. Version numbers have been introduced for WiFi and the next generation of wireless networking, WiFi 6, will be out next […]

Miracast-certification initiative announced by the WiFi Alliance, hopes to unify streaming standards across multiple devices
If you’ve always liked the idea of being able to seamlessly share your smartphone or tablet’s screen on a big screen TV without having to hook it up with messy cables, or perhaps stream what’s on your TV to your tablet while another program is playing, the WiFi Alliance is hoping to make that a reality by announcing a device certification program for the new Miracast wireless streaming standard. Basically […]

Passpoint Technology, Promises Seemless Wi-Fi Handover
WiFi Alliance, the trade association that promotes Wireless LAN technology, is planning to launch a technology that will make Wi-Fi access from smartphones and other devices as simple as connecting to a cellular network. According to the group, its Passpoint program aims to make Wi-Fi a “true extension of service provider networks”. WiFi Alliance claims that its new technology will let users roam from one hotspot to another with no […]

HomePlug Powerline Alliance And Wi-Fi Alliance Team Up For Networking Future
If you’re looking for a simple way to network the devices in your home, your options have generally been to use HomePlug technology or the more common Wi-Fi technology. Now the HomePlug Powerline Alliance and the Wi-Fi Alliance have come together to focus on pushing their technologies to homeowners and they’re focusing on “facilitating interoperability of smart grid applications”. These organizations are focusing to enable SEP 2.0 applications to operate […]


Wi-Fi Direct increases interconnectivity between devices
It is always nice to have all of your devices talking to one another via a single, universal standard, and Wi-Fi Direct could be just the ticket as it gets certified in due time. Imagine taking a closer step towards a truly wireless lifestyle, be it printing, streaming or sharing files. All of this can be done without the need for any network, which translates to a Wi-Fi Direct certified […]

Samsung E65 eBook certified by Wi-Fi Alliance
The Wi-Fi Alliance has certified the Samsung E65, where this device is not a cellphone but actually an ebook reader, making it the successor to Samsung’s first E60 ebook reader, albeit sporting a full QWERTY keyboard instead of the sliding form factor. You get a 6″ e-ink display that boasts support for an electromagnetic resonance (EMR) stylus pen, coupled with text-to-speech, Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity, and MP3 playback capability among others. […]