WiFi Alliance, the trade association that promotes Wireless LAN technology, is planning to launch a technology that will make Wi-Fi access from smartphones and other devices as simple as connecting to a cellular network. According to the group, its Passpoint program aims to make Wi-Fi a “true extension of service provider networks”. WiFi Alliance claims that its new technology will let users roam from one hotspot to another with no manual effort, just as cell phone owners already switch seamlessly from one cell tower to another.

“With Passpoint, devices automatically identify and join WiFi networks, and users are not required to complete a cumbersome manual login process. Passpoint also automatically configures industry-standard WPA2 security protections without user intervention. Passpoint certification for network equipment and end user devices is expected to begin in June, and is based on the WiFi Alliance Hotspot 2.0 Specification,” the WiFi Alliance said in an announcement today.

Edgar Figueroa, the CEO of WiFi Alliance said that he is expecting to see Passpoint-enable Wi-Fi networks in the Q3 this year. The CEO also claims that unnamed service providers are already participating in the field trials worldwide. WiFi Alliance claims that its technology will support roaming agreements similar to what we are seeing today in our own cellular networks. Certifying WiFi network equipment and end-user devices for the new technology will commence next month.

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