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Texas Utility Providing Customers With Free Electricity At Night
Texas has more wind power installations than any other states in the U.S., they actually account for close to ten percent of the state’s total electricity generation, and this has enabled utilities to offer something truly amazing to their customers: free electricity. Some power companies in Texas are passing on the advantage to customers by providing them with free electricity at night owing to the fact that wind farms are […]

The Dutch Want To Run Their Entire Rail System On Wind Power By 2018
Slow progress is being made to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and go with cleaner alternatives, it may be slow but it’s progress nonetheless. Some countries are setting extremely ambitious goals to shift to renewable energy sources and the Dutch has joined that list of nations, they aim to run their entire rail system completely on wind power by the year 2018.

Denmark Derives 25% Of Power From Wind
Scandinavian country Denmark is not at the top of the list for many folks when it comes to being a tourist destination, but you might want to drop by the country one of these days if you so happen to be in Europe. After all, Denmark does have its fair share of charms, not to mention being the home of the famous, thirst quenching Carlsberg beer. Another feather in the […]

Wind power alone can produce more-than-enough electricity for all of mankind
As conventional power sources such as coal and oil grow scarcer, the world is looking for viable alternatives. Oil resources, which are driving the major part of world’s economy right now, will be depleted sooner or later. And it’s about time the world started taking alternate energy sources more seriously.While some may argue that the power generated from alternate energy sources is simply not enough, that is not true. For […]


UK approves 1GW+ of offshore wind power
 Today is a big day for renewable energy in the UK. The British government has given the green light to fund two large offshore wind farms off of the Norfolk Coast. The combined investment for the project is around 3 billion pounds(about $4.66 billion USD).The 580-megawatt Race Banks offshore wind farm will be developed by Centriica, while the 560 megawatt Dudgeon project will be developed by Warwick Energy. UK Energy […]

Airborne wind-power systems developed by NASA generates more electricity
Land-based tower wind turbines are pretty much the gold standard of wind power today. But the engineers from NASA are working on an ingenious alternative – airborne wind-power systems. NASA is focusing on two aspects of the technology – one is the set of turbines built into the kite, which generates electricity, and the other is the ground-based generator that is tethered to the kite and is powered by the […]

Wind turbines to power BMW factory
BMW wants to continue with their green reformation by drawing up plans to build a quartet of wind turbines that will see action in powering a factory with enough juice so that it is able to assemble hundreds of vehicles each day – at least that is what auto newspaper Automobilwoche reported. The same report also mentions that the wind farm constructed ought to be able to produce enough energy […]

Tang wind-powered catamaran
Who says that going hybrid is meant for vehicles on the road only? How about those that traverse the seven seas? We’re looking at this wind-powered catamaran known as Tang, where its lithium-ion battery will be juiced by wind as auxiliary power source. Capable of running on wind energy even when its sails are lowered, the Tang is a stylish yacht which is currently undergoing the testing phase at Tag’s […]

Wind powered car might not sound so crazy after all
With the ever rising costs of fuel, you do ask yourself whether it is possible for cars to be powered using air? The Kazaguruma concept might just be the thing then assuming everything with its concept is fleshed out correctly – after all, this wind force mobility project will employ the power of the wind courtesy of an automobile which can utilize it in an extraordinary manner. The clever combination […]