denmark-wind-powerScandinavian country Denmark is not at the top of the list for many folks when it comes to being a tourist destination, but you might want to drop by the country one of these days if you so happen to be in Europe. After all, Denmark does have its fair share of charms, not to mention being the home of the famous, thirst quenching Carlsberg beer. Another feather in the cap of this country would be the fact that they have managed to achieve a feat that might not be possible for larger countries, that is, deriving a quarter of its power needs from wind power alone.


Their latest 3.6 megawatt offshore wind turbine is what makes this particular feat possible, as the country has just gone over the one gigawatt wind energy threshold. Of course, while others might sit back and bask in the moment for a while, the government of Denmark are not going to rest on their laurels at 25%, but will continue to work towards their next goal of 50% derived from wind turbines alone in the coming eight years’ time.

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