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Microsoft Nudges Windows 10 Mobile Users To Switch To iOS Or Android
Very rarely you’d see a company tell its users to shift to a competing platform but Microsoft is doing just that. The company gave up on Windows-powered mobile phones quite a while back and is now gearing up to kill the platform. It’s recommending to Windows 10 Mobile users that they should switch to iOS or Android.

Uber Windows 10 App Bites The Dust
Uber released its first app for Windows Phone 8/8.1 back in 2014 after it tried to pass off what looked like a web wrapper for its site as a Windows Phone app in 2013. Uber has come a long way since then while Windows Phone has faded into oblivion. Uber even launched a new app for Windows 10 Mobile-powered devices towards the end of 2015 but it’s no longer going […]

Microsoft's Canceled Bezel-Less Windows Phone Pictures Surface
While it has been common knowledge for a long time now, Microsoft recently confirmed that its Windows 10 Mobile hardware focus has ended. It reiterated this after HP revealed that it gave up on its HP Elite x3 product lineup because Microsoft was no longer interested in hardware for Windows 10 Mobile. The company might have jumped on the bezel-less bandwagon a lot earlier than most of its rivals it […]

HP Elite x3 Sales Won't End Until 2019
It was reported recently that HP was thinking about ending sales of its Windows-powered productivity behemoth the Elite x3 in November this year. The report didn’t take many by surprise as there has been a general lack of interest from partners to build Windows 10 Mobile-powered devices. However, HP isn’t giving up on the Elite x3 just yet.


Windows Phone 8.1 Mainstream Support Ends Tomorrow
Microsoft hasn’t really been active in the smartphone market lately but it has been providing support for the handsets that are still out there. There are still quite a few people holding on to their Windows Phone 8.1 smartphones. They would want to know that Microsoft has confirmed that it’s going to end mainstream support for Windows Phone 8.1 tomorrow.

New Windows 10 Mobile Device Reportedly In Development
It has been a while since Microsoft came out with a new smartphone. Many have written obituaries for the company’s smartphone business seeing as how it has more or less given up on the market. The company recently said that it’s looking to shake things up considerably, essentially saying that it won’t launch a new smartphone just for a sake of launching one. Rumor has it that the company has […]

Galaxy S8 With Windows 10 Mobile Spotted
It has been a very long time since Samsung made a smartphone powered by Microsoft’s operating system. The company hasn’t said if it has any plans of doing so, at least at this point in time, and even Microsoft appears to be focusing on other things. So if images surface online of a Galaxy S8 claimed to be running Windows 10 Mobile you take them with a heavy dose of […]

Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update Released
It has been a couple of weeks since Microsoft released the Windows 10 Creators Update for PCs, that happened back on April 11th to be precise. The company rolled it out for newer devices initially, particularly those that it had tested with its OEM hardware partners. Microsoft said at that time that the Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update would arrive a bit later, that wasn’t surprising, this is precisely what […]

HP Elite x3 Price Cut By Microsoft
If you’re looking for a really powerful mobile device that’s powered by Windows 10 Mobile and has the ability to provide full PC-like functionality, look no further than the HP Elite x3. This is a really niche device that’s meant for people who want access to their Windows apps and services on the go and wouldn’t mind getting some work done by hooking up the smartphone to an external display […]

Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update May Introduce 'Reset App' Option
Microsoft has confirmed the Windows 10 Creators Update and it’s going to be released next year for all supported platforms, that includes mobile as well. According to a new report, the Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update is going to add a feature called “Reset App” which will enable users to easily refresh an app by removing all app data. This feature has reportedly been included in an unreleased internal build […]

Surface Phone Rumored To Sport Snapdragon 835 Chipset & 6GB RAM
The existence of the Surface Phone is really anyone’s guess at the moment. However recently there was a glimmer of hope when Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella hinted that the company was working on the “ultimate mobile device”. Now thanks to Nokia Power User, alleged specs have surfaced.

HP & Microsoft Rumored To Be Working On Windows 10 Phone
The Windows 10 Mobile market share at the moment is a fraction of iOS and Android. However this doesn’t mean that Microsoft and their partners are quite ready to give up yet. According to the latest rumors, word on the street has it that HP and Microsoft could be teaming up to launch a Windows 10 Mobile smartphone in 2017.

Could These Renderings Be The Much-Rumored Surface Phone?
Recently Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella admitted that when it came to mobile, Microsoft might have missed the boat. However that doesn’t mean that they have given up. We have long been hearing rumors that Microsoft could have a Surface Phone in the works, and a recent tweet by famed leakster Evan Blass has gotten everyone excited.

T-Mobile Officially Launches Its First Windows 10 VR Smartphone
Last week, T-Mobile inadvertently revealed that it would soon launch a Windows 10 VR headset on its network. The smartphone in question is actually called the Alcatel Idol 4S. It’s powered by Windows 10 Mobile and is VR-ready, an Android-powered version of this handset was already released earlier this year. T-Mobile has announced its first Windows 10 VR smartphone officially today.

T-Mobile's Windows 10 VR Headset Might Arrive On November 10th
Last week, T-Mobile inadvertently revealed that it would soon add a Windows 10 VR headset to its lineup. Someone at Magenta published the product page for the Alcatel Idol 4S with Windows 10 VR ahead of schedule and that’s how we found out that this handset is in the pipeline. The latest on this development suggests that T-Mobile’s Windows 10 VR headset might be launched on November 10th.

New Windows 10 VR Smartphone Leaked By T-Mobile
Microsoft has launched some new products today at its event and the company has also talked about some of the new software that it has been working on. It appears that T-Mobile leaked a new Windows 10 VR smartphone while the event was still underway. It posted the product page for the Alcatel Idol 4S with Windows 10 VR and later pulled it when it became apparent that the product […]

Microsoft’s CEO Admits They Missed The Boat On Mobile
When it comes to mobile, a few years ago we would have multiple platforms vying for market share. Back then the mobile scene was more varied with the likes of iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and to a certain extent, even Symbian. Fast forward to today, the mobile scene is pretty much iOS and Android.

Lumia 640 XL Gets Hefty Price Cut On AT&T
If you’re looking to move to a Windows-powered device then you should check out this new promotion. The Lumia 640 XL has received a hefty discount from its original retail price of $249.99. Back in July this year, Microsoft and AT&T discounted the handset to $149 and they have now cut its price once again to get more people to pick up this device.

Lenovo Not Planning To Launch A Windows Smartphone
We’ve seen some speculation this year that Lenovo might come out with new Windows-powered smartphones but the Chinese giant hasn’t really been bullish on Microsoft’s mobile platform. It did announce one back in July four years after confirming its Windows Phone plans and while that handset will be going on sale later this month, Lenovo has now said that it has no further plans of launching Windows-powered smartphones in the […]

Skype For PC Lets Windows Insiders Send Text Messages
Microsoft’s Windows Insiders program continues to flourish as the company releases test features for preview users to try out before they are released for everybody. Those who are on a beta build of Windows 10 might want to get the latest version of Skype Preview for PC and Mobile because Microsoft has updated the app to enable them to send and receive text messages right on their Windows 10-powered computers.