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Microsoft Confirms Windows 10 'S Mode' Upgrades Will Be Free
Microsoft VP Joe Belfiore confirmed on Twitter yesterday that Microsoft would be doing away with Windows 10 S as a standalone iteration of its platform and introducing it as the “S Mode” in Windows 10 proper. It would be available to Windows 10 Home, Enterprise, and Pro customers. While Microsoft hadn’t confirmed it, some reports suggested that Windows 10 Pro customers would have to pay $49 to disable the S […]

S Mode For Windows 10 Officially Confirmed By Microsoft
Microsoft announced Windows 10 S last year, the new version of Windows 10 was meant to compete with Chrome OS. While it was originally announced as a dedicated version of its desktop software for education customers, it was reported last month that Microsoft might add a new “S Mode” to Windows 10 Home, Enterprise, and Pro. That would have involved doing away with Windows 10 S as a separate iteration […]

Microsoft Looking To Ditch Passwords In Windows 10 S
Due to the fact that different applications, services, and websites use different styles of passwords (some require alphanumeric passwords, some require symbols, some ask for a mix of upper and lowercase), it can be a hassle to try and remember all of them. Password managers are one way to go about this, but what about ditching passwords entirely?

Microsoft Dropping Windows 10 S For The New 'S Mode'
Microsoft announced Windows 10 S last year. It’s a lightweight version of its operating system that has been designed to compete with Google’s Chrome OS. The company originally announced it as a separate version of Windows that was primarily aimed at the education market but it now appears to be dropping it as a standalone product for the new “S Mode.”


Microsoft Goes After Chromebooks With $189 Windows 10 Notebooks
Microsoft seeks to challenge Chromebooks’ lead in the education sector and today it has unveiled new Windows 10 and Windows 10 S-powered notebooks that start as low as $189. It has teamed up with its hardware partners to develop affordable Windows-powered notebooks aimed at the education sector. It has revealed the new machines at the annual Bett education show in London. The products include new 2-in-1s under $300 and notebooks […]

Free Windows 10 S Upgrade Period Extended To March 31st, 2018
Microsoft today announced that its first Windows 10 S-powered notebook – the Surface Laptop – has now been released in additional markets across the globe. The Surface Laptop was launched in June this year. It was Microsoft’s largest Surface launch in history and now, even more people across the globe can purchase the notebook. Microsoft has now confirmed that it has extended the free Windows 10 S upgrade period.

New Surface Book Variant With Core i7 Processor Coming Next Month
It was recently discovered that Microsoft was offering the Core i7-powered Surface Laptop in Burgundy, Cobalt Blue, and Graphite Gold color options. These new variants will be released next month. The company is adding yet another variant of its Windows 10 S-powered notebook. The new variant is available for pre-order right now and it will be released on October 3rd.

Windows 10 S Builds Live For Insiders
Microsoft released a new Fast ring Windows 10 build for members of its Insiders program today. They’re the people that get to test upcoming Windows 10 updates before they’re rolled out to the general public. The company has also confirmed today that members of the Insider program can now test Windows 10 S builds before they’re released. Head of the Windows Insider program Dona Sarkar confirmed that Insiders are now […]

Spotify App For Windows 10 Listed On Windows Store
The Windows Store is a great place to get apps for your Windows-powered device but there’s a caveat. Some of the most popular apps for Windows are not available on the Store. This includes the likes of Google Chrome, Photoshop, and Steam. This is a problem that Windows 10 S users will have to live with but at least they will have access to the world’s most popular music streaming […]

Downgrade Windows 10 S To Windows 10 Pro Now Possible
It has only been a couple of weeks since Microsoft unveiled Windows 10 S. It’s a new iteration of its desktop operating system that aims to counter the runaway success of Google’s Chrome OS. It offers the full Windows experience but can only run apps that have been installed from the Windows Store. Microsoft did not allow this previously, but it’s now possible to downgrade Windows 10 S to Windows […]

Microsoft Office Released On Windows Store
Microsoft recently announced a new iteration of Windows called Windows 10 S. The iteration is basically a lightweight version of Windows 10 that’s capable of running full Windows apps, as long as they’re available on the Windows Store. Microsoft has thus released its Office productivity suite on the Windows Store. All Office apps can now be downloaded via the online store.

Google Chrome For Windows 10 S Might Remain A Dream
A couple of weeks back, Microsoft announced the launch of Windows 10 S. It’s a new iteration of Windows 10 which will enable Microsoft to effectively compete against Google’s Chrome OS-powered Chromebooks in the education sector. Microsoft is enforcing strict app policies on Windows 10 and those policies might prevent Google Chrome from ever being released on Windows 10 S.

HP And Acer Unveil Windows 10 S Computers Starting At $299
Microsoft has officially announced Windows 10 S today. It’s a new lightweight version of Windows 10 that’s going to run on cheap hardware. It only runs sandboxed apps from the Windows Store and does have the ability to be upgraded to a full version of Windows. Many PC manufacturers will make their own Windows 10 S computers. HP and Acer are the first to unveil their new Windows 10 S […]

Windows 10 S Upgrade To Windows 10 Pro Will Be Possible
Microsoft today announced the launch of its new operating system that’s particularly aimed at the education sector. It’s a modified version of Windows 10 that it’s calling Windows 10 S. It’s streamlined particularly for the education sector and is going to power cheap notebooks starting at $189 to take on the market that’s dominated by Chromebooks. That’s not all, though, as Microsoft has confirmed that it will be possible to […]