A couple of weeks back, Microsoft announced the launch of Windows 10 S. It’s a new iteration of Windows 10 which will enable Microsoft to effectively compete against Google’s Chrome OS-powered Chromebooks in the education sector. Microsoft is enforcing strict app policies on Windows 10 and those policies might prevent Google Chrome from ever being released on Windows 10 S.

One major difference between Windows 10 S and conventional Windows 10 is that the former can only install apps from the Windows Store.

ZDNet reports that Windows Store apps that can be used to browse the internet have to use the HTML and JavaScript engines provided by the Windows platform. The reason why Chrome for Windows 10 S might remain a dream is because Chrome’s underlying code doesn’t use these engines.

This stipulation that Microsoft has added to the Windows Store policies eliminates the possibility of Google Chrome being released for Windows 10 S in its current shape and form.

If Google really wants to bring its Chrome web browser to Windows 10 S, it’s going to have to rework the entire browser based on Microsoft’s engines.

Even if it does that, it’s not like Microsoft will allow Windows 10 S users to choose any browser other than Microsoft Edge as the default browser, so this may not happen after all.

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