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Motorola's Wearable Computer Beats Google Glass to Market
Google Glass, the Brin-approved, fashionable (or not) wearable computer still isn’t available to consumers, and it may be another year. If you’re itching to put a tiny screen in front of your retina, you should take a look at Motorola Solutions’ HC1 head-mounted computer. The HC1, which runs Windows CE and is powered by a TI OMAP 3 microprocessor, is practically a bargain at a $4000 asking price. 

Canon PREa powered by Windows Embedded CE 6.0
In this day and age, we gotta ask ourselves – how many new devices out there which are released will actually feature Windows Embedded CE, never mind the version number? Granted, most of us probably can’t even pluck out a model number from our heads, but take notes here as you might just be called upon to answer that question (no matter how remote the chance) sometime down the road. […]

Sinotech HSG-X5 tablet runs on Windows CE, goes through FCC's paces
Sinotech’s HSG-X5 tablet has joined the game, but we do have one very valid question – why is it running on Windows CE? Isn’t that like yesteryear’s technology, which makes it all the more surprising even after the growing popularity of iOS and Android-powered tablets have made their mark in the market. Having gone through the paces at the FCC, we do know the HSG-X5 will come with a 7-inch […]

Windows CE Powered Pico Projector
Remember the Windows Mobile powered projector phone we showed you quite a while ago? While it was a concept back then, it seems that it’s closer to reality now, albeit without the sleek looking body. This Windows CE pico projector from Lancerlink bears the model number MPJ-104WCE, which is quite a mouthful. It sports 4GB of internal memory, 64MB of NAND flash, ARM9 CPU clocked at 400MHz, supports PDF, Word, […]


Coke Tests Vending Machine With Windows CE
Coca-Cola is looking into testing its new beverage dispenser which will see the use of a touchscreen computer running on Windows CE. Known as the “Freestyle”, this machine is able to dispense up to 120 different types of soda, tracks sales according to the time of day, and can be managed remotely. Talk about getting all the more information to analyze so that the company is able better to position […]

NVIDIA Tegra Powers Sexy New Netbooks, Provides Days of Battery Life
Gallery 1: hands-on, Gallery 2: designsAt Computex, NVIDIA is launching its new Netbook solution based on its handheld Tegra processor. The “computer” itself fits in the size of a DIMM memory module and the basic idea is simple and elegant: use powerful handheld technology to drive a Netbook experience. The result: ultra-thin form factors and an uber-long battery life expressed in days, rather than hours. Highlights: Uber small computer platform […]