Google Glass, the Brin-approved, fashionable (or not) wearable computer still isn’t available to consumers, and it may be another year. If you’re itching to put a tiny screen in front of your retina, you should take a look at Motorola Solutions’ HC1 head-mounted computer. The HC1, which runs Windows CE and is powered by a TI OMAP 3 microprocessor, is practically a bargain at a $4000 asking price. 

The HC1 is intended for industrial and military purposes, so that you can keep schematics or blueprints handy but still keep your arms free. It does that by using a small SVGA display right that hovers right underneath the user’s eye coupled with head-tracking and voice commands. To track head movement s theres a 9-axis accelerometer with a digital compass. There’s an optional camera that will be capable of 1080p at 30fps, if you want to record everything you see. The whole package needs a WiFi network to work. The specs might be meagre, and the price isn’t right for most consumers, but if you really want to join the wearable computer revolution, the HC1 will let you be the first on the block to sport that futuristic look Sergey Brin made popular.

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