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Windows Live Messenger Merging With Skype on April 8
After years of service, Windows Live Messenger is going to be merged into Skype. This makes sense and was largely expected since Skype has much more clout, offers more services and has evolved much faster than Windows Live Messenger did. This was inevitable. Obviously, if you’re just happy with Windows Live Messenger, you may have put this under the rug, but this is coming, so you may want to look […]

Windows Live Messenger To Be Discontinued March 15
I have personally not logged into Windows Live Messenger for at least a year, or maybe even longer, but the point is that it has been a while. Skype is now my main mode of communicating with friends and family, and it looks like Microsoft plans to move all their users onto Skype – unsurprising given the Redmond company’s acquisition of Skype awhile back. Microsoft has since sent out an […]

Windows Live Messenger for the ZuneHD now available
ZuneHD owners, listen up! It seems that Windows Live Messenger for the ZuneHD is now available, albeit for selected users only. This software is a full-featured version, so you don’t have to worry about getting something gimped while lacking any essential features. It will support the Messenger friends list as well as chat, in addition to a social feed which is similar to the desktop client. Of course, it would […]

Windows Live Messenger for iPhone now out
Microsoft took a fair bit iof time before they finally rolled out the the official Windows Live Messenger iPhone app, making sure your iPhone and iPod touch will help you keep in touch with the rest of your friends over at Windows Live Home as long as there is an Internet connection. According to the iTunes description, the Windows Live Messenger is as follows :- Windows Live Messenger for iPhone […]


AOL Sells ICQ For $187.5m
Folks who were around during the beginning of instant messaging will remember ICQ, which set the standard for instant messaging back then. AOL acquired Mirabilis, the Israeli-based company who came up with the program, back in 1996 for $407 million, and now the company has decided to let it go for $187.5 million to Russian investment company, Digital Sky Technologies. Do you still think fondly of ICQ, or are you […]