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HTC Arrive with Mango seen in Las Vegas Sprint store
Mango has arrived…on the Arrive. OK, so that might be a wee bit lame, but at least it signals the end of the weekend, and a brand new work week is about to start. Someone spotted a HTC Arrive that had Windows Phone Mango running on it at a Las Vegas Sprint store. This is certainly a wee bit early considering Sprint customers are said to start receiving their Windows […]

Samsung Omnia 7 and HTC 7 Mozart Mango builds leaked
It goes without saying that leaks are more or less a given these days, and it does seem to look as though loose lips are ever present in the digital environment. After all, how many new products are released without anyone catching wind of it through unofficial channels a couple of decades ago? That happened very rarely, but these days, if a leak does not happen, we would deem it […]

Nokia W9 Sea Ray spotted again, release imminent?
Many people, ranging from industry insiders to casual phone users, would most probably be interested in the first Windows Phone 7 handset from Nokia – and you can check out the latest video of the Nokia W9 “Sea Ray” that shows off the Mango version of the operating system working just fine. The style is heavily inspired by the Nokia N9 which is powered by the MeeGo operating system, but […]

Toshiba Fujitsu IS12T ready to rock with Mango in Japan
Will Windows Phone actually continue to grow from strength to strength? That is a question that can only be answered by the mass consumer market, as Microsoft continues to work on carving out their market share from iOS and Android-powered devices on the mobile front. The Toshiba Fujitsu IS12T will be on Microsoft’s side, where it is said that this smartphone will run on Windows Mango when it arrives in […]


Windows Phone Mango ROM works on HTC HD2 without missing a beat
The HTC HD2 is definitely a handset that seemingly lasts without showing any signs of ageing – after all, when Windows Phone 7 Mango Beta was announced, it was ported over to the 2009 handset and worked relatively well. This is not to say that there were no niggling problems – far from it, earlier Mango custom ROMs for the HD2 did not allow Live services to function, but all […]

LG E906 to receive Mango update?
Microsoft’s upcoming Mango update for their Windows Phone 7-powered handsets might just see older hardware being sold at a cheaper price, perhaps with some tweaks thrown into the mix. These minor variations might see the model numbers change by a shade, and LG looks set to be one of them. They already have the Windows Phone 7-powered Optimus 7, but we have spotted a similarly numbered smartphone known as the […]