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Unconfirmed: WinMob 7 User Experience Elements Leaked?
Some pictures of user experience (UX) concepts have surfaced on the Internet, and according to the person who came up with the designs, he worked for Microsoft on UX design for Windows Mobile 7. Some examples of the designs have been posted, though you can’t really confirm how accurate it is until the real deal is unveiled (probably at the upcoming Mobile World Congress). In his own words:“NDA dictates I […]

i-mate JASJAR caught running Windows Mobile 7
While Microsoft has confirmed that they will announce Windows Mobile 7 in the near future (many of us suspect that Mobile World Congress will be the place to do so), someone caught an image of the relatively old i-mate JASJAR running on what is tipped to be Windows Mobile 7, although there are no confirmations on whether this is an early build or the final, consumer-ready version. As for the […]

HTC HD2 On T-Mobile To Sport Beefed Up Specs
It sure took the HTC HD2 a long time to come to the US, but for those of you Windows Mobile fans, we’re sure it’ll have been worth the wait. T-Mobile will be offering this phone, and the best part is, your patience is rewarded with better specs. The original HTC HD2 sports 512MB ROM, 448MB of RAM, and ships with a 2GB microSD card, the version that T-Mobile will […]

Windows Mobile 7 handset news
Looks like we have news on a couple of Windows Mobile 7-powered handsets, where one of them could be the LG Apollo that has a very real possibility of being launched sometime this August or September over Verizon and Sprint. Should the Apollo actually take off from the launchpad, it will come with a lovely 3.8″ AMOLED multitouch display at a stunning WXGA resolution, alongside CDMA/EV-DO and GSM/HSDPA configurations. You […]


Windows Mobile 7 Not Compatible With Existing Apps?
It seems that Eldar Murazin, the man behind, has managed to get his hands on Windows Mobile 7, and while that is certainly good news, there is also bad news accompanying it. According to him, Windows Mobile 7 won’t be compatible with existing apps, and that will probably mean that developers will need to adopt their apps to work on Windows Mobile 7, putting the OS at a significant […]

LG Windows Mobile 7 Phone In September?
Do you think Mobile World Congress (MWC 2010) is going to be a boring affair? Well, with the Windows Mobile 7 rumors coming up again, the event might be rather interesting. It seems that French tech blogger, Presse-Citron, who was participating in a design session at LG Design Labs was told that the company is expecting to release a Windows Mobile 7 device in September. The news was tweeted, and […]

Rumor: Windows Mobile 7 Delayed till 2011?
This is still firmly in the “rumor” bin. Sources have indicated that reps from Microsoft, HTC, Nvidia, Qualcomm, Lenovo, Texas Instruments, and even Nokia have said that Windows Mobile 7’s release has been postponed to 2011. It’s weird to see “Nokia” in the list, but maybe it’s due to it being a rumor. Apparently due to this delay, some “dedicated Windows Mobile 7” phones and smartbooks are being shifted to […]