Windows Mobile 7 Not Compatible With Existing Apps?

It seems that Eldar Murazin, the man behind, has managed to get his hands on Windows Mobile 7, and while that is certainly good news, there is also bad news accompanying it. According to him, Windows Mobile 7 won’t be compatible with existing apps, and that will probably mean that developers will need to adopt their apps to work on Windows Mobile 7, putting the OS at a significant disadvantage to begin with, as it will lose all its existing catalog of apps. Apparently this is still an early build of Windows Mobile 7, so maybe that might play a part in the existing apps not working. Aside from that, it seems that Windows Mobile 7’s UI is more complicated than that of the ZuneHD, featuring more horizontal movement and offers you more information by clicks. What do you think? Would it be good for Windows Mobile 7 to start with a clean slate?


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