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Windows Phone 7 Sheds Backwards Compatibility
After having face to face talks with Microsoft, we have learned that Windows Phone 7 won’t run any Windows Mobile 6.x (and earlier) applications. The lack of compatibility talks during the Mobile World Congress made us think that this was the case, but now this is official. Microsoft says that it had to do a clean break for the greater good – and they are probably right. Sure it’s annoying […]

Windows Mobile 6.5.3 details emerge
What exactly does the latest version of Windows Mobile 6.5.3 entail? Well, apart from capacitive touchscreen support, you will be able to enjoy multitouch controls sans stylus, consistent navigation, a horizontal scroll bar that does away with tabs, a magnifier for touch support in legacy applications, the ability to drag-and-drop icons onto the Start Screen, reduced browser page load time and better memory management among others. Apart from that runtime […]

Microsoft on porting iPhone apps to Windows Mobile
Microsoft has published a case study that highlights some differences between developing for iPhone and for Windows Mobile. For educational purposes, a simple application has been chosen and this document should not be seen as a “template” for porting all iPhone apps, but as a first step towards the iPhone development community. We like the intent, and hope that that Microsoft will do more to help itself by helping the iPhone development […]

iPhone and other phones could be hacked via SMS
At the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, Charlie Miller and Collin Mulliner will present their findings about a possible SMS vulnerability present on many platforms, including the iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile. Apparently, most of the SMS vulnerability involves unexpected data, and it looks like SMS is not tested thoroughly because it’s expensive to send messages. It sounds dumb (carriers could send free test messages no?), but hey, why […]


TomTom Navigator 7 For Windows Mobile
TomTom has not forgotten about Windows Mobile users with the Navigator 7 being made available for purchase to all end-users. This is a different and less benelovent move compared to bundling it with selected HTC phones, as was the practice in the past. This time round, you will have to fork out £35 for a download, or pick it up in microSD format for £90. Current devices that play nice […]