Microsoft on porting iPhone apps to Windows Mobile

Microsoft has published a case study that highlights some differences between developing for iPhone and for Windows Mobile. For educational purposes, a simple application has been chosen and this document should not be seen as a “template” for porting all iPhone apps, but as a first step towards the iPhone development community. We like the intent, and hope that that Microsoftwill do more to helpitself by helping the iPhone development community to monetize its apps.

Microsoft should build more code samples and case study like that.Also, having a source-compatible version of OpenGL ES 1.x and 2.0would be great:iPhone-onlydevelopers would not have to write a graphics API abstraction layer. I know,Microsoft has mobileDirectX too, but we’ve got OpenGL on Windows, no?The bottom-line is: if Microsoft does its job, you might see some apps migration towards WinMo.

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