Apple Rumored To Be In Last Minute Negotiations With Music Labels

ome WWDC 2015 which kicks off next week, we expect that Apple will take the wraps off several new products and services, one of them being Apple Music which is the Cupertino company’s alleged revamped music streaming service. The rumors claim that Apple has plans to charge $10 a month in subscription, with 55% of it supposedly going to the labels.This is based on the deal Spotify has with the […]

Apple Blocks AltConf From Live Streaming WWDC Keynote

WWDC is a hot event and every year, tickets are sold out pretty quickly. Given that these tickets aren’t cheap and how fast they sell out, safe to say that not many people are able to attend the event. This has resulted in the developer community creating an alternative event called AltConf.This is meant to serve as an alternative to WWDC where developers who could not make it to the […]

New Apple TV Set-Top Box Reportedly Dropped From WWDC 2015 Lineup

It has been a very long time since Apple refreshed its set-top box and it was expected that the company will unveil its new set-top box at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2015 later this month. The new Apple TV was believed to be a part of the WWDC 2015 lineup up until last week but now there’s a new report which claims that Apple has decided not to unveil the set-top […]

WWDC 2015: iOS 9, Apple Music, Apple TV, And More

While it used to be that Apple would announce new hardware at their WWDC events, things have changed and now WWDC is more focused towards new software, services, and unveiling new tools that developers can use to help create better apps for the OS X and iOS platforms.That being said with WWDC 2015 kicking off this year starting from the 8th of June which is next Monday, what can we […]


Apple’s Web TV Service Will Skip WWDC [Rumor]

If the rumors are to be believed, Apple is said to be working on a new web TV subscription service that could be unveiled at WWDC 2015 which is taking place next week. However according to a recent report from Re/code, it turns out that maybe we won’t be hearing about the rumored service as it has been delayed.According to their sources, it seems that Apple has yet to finalize […]

Apple May Sign Pharrell, David Guetta And Drake As iTunes Radio Guest DJs

Next month at WWDC 2015 Apple is expected to show off its new music streaming service, which may bring together Beats Music and iTunes Radio under one brand. A lot has already been said and written about the new service but so far nothing has been confirmed by Apple. There’s a new report out today which claims that the company is trying to sign some of the biggest names in music right […]

Apple Connect Rumored To Be A YouTube Rival

An old rumor is making the rounds again as Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2015 nears. Rumor has it that Apple is working on a YouTube rival that it’s going to call Apple Connect. Obviously there’s no confirmation from Cupertino about this and the company has never really said that it wants to take the battle to YouTube, which might be the world’s largest video streaming website but is yet to […]

Apple Pay Rewards Program Will Be Announced At WWDC [Rumor]

While Apple Pay is currently accepted by many retailers across the US, apart from the convenience there’s no real reason to keep using the service. However according to a report by the New York Times, it seems that Apple could be planning on announcing an Apple Pay Rewards program at WWDC 2015.The idea of the program is simple and it is similar to other rewards programs. Basically if customers were […]

CBS Negotiating With Apple Over Its TV Service

We have heard time and again that Apple is going to launch an internet TV streaming service this year. Many expect that the company is going to unveil this service at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2015 next month where it’s also expected to talk about a new music streaming service. CBS CEO Les Moonves has revealed today that the network he heads is in negotiations with Apple over this new […]

Apple Maps Transit Directions Expected To Arrive With iOS 9

Transit directions is a major feature that’s missing from Apple’s native mapping application on iOS devices. The company took a lot of heat for this when it decided to replace Google Maps as the native mapping service in favor of its homegrown solution called Apple Maps. The app arrive in 2012 with iOS 6 and while it was rumored last year that iOS 8 is finally going to bring transit […]

Apple Reportedly In Talks With Russian Music Labels

iTunes Radio at the moment is only available in the US and Australia, hardly the widespread coverage that we’re sure Apple had originally intended, but if the reports are to be believed, Apple could be gearing up for an international launch of the service. This is based on a report from Russian publication Vedomosti (via Billboard) who claims that Apple is currently in talks with Russian labels.According to the report, […]

Major Apple Watch Software Update Could Bring Several New Features

According to a report published today Apple is working on new software updates for the Apple Watch which are going to add a few features to the wearable device. Some of the features that are expected to be added through this software update include sleep tracking, third-party complications and finally the ability to locate a lost Apple Watch.

Spotify Free Streaming Service Will Not Be Shut Down

Over the past few weeks it has been consistently rumored that music labels, under pressure from Apple, will force Spotify to shut down its free music streaming service. A recent report suggested that the Spotify free music streaming option will be shut down in favor of a three month free trial following which users will have to pay or look for their streaming fix elsewhere. However the company has now confirmed […]

Apple Reportedly Delays HomeKit Launch

When it announced iOS 8 at the Worldwide Developers Conference last year, Apple also unveiled HomeKit, it’s home automation platform that can be controlled through Siri on the company’s mobile devices. Apple never really confirmed when it would launch HomeKit but according to a new report the platform’s launch has been delayed. One of the reasons why the company may have chosen to delay is probably because it wants to make […]