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OS X 10.11 Can Beam Videos In Full Screen To Apple TV
A couple of days back at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2015 Apple finally unveiled OS X 10.11, or El Capitan as it likes to call the next major update for Macs. It demonstrated quite a few features of the new software during the keynote but some were obviously left out due to time constraints. One such feature that was not mentioned during the keynote is the ability of Safari in […]

Apple CarPlay Goes ‘Wireless’  
Apple made slew of amazing announcements at the WWDC today, one of them being the changes made in the functioning of CarPlay. The system is now going completely wireless, which means that users won’t be required to connect their iPhone via USB in order to get the CarPlay working.

New Apple App Makes Switching To iOS From Android Easy
We’ve been seeing Apple get ever so aggressive in trying to make Android users switch over to iOS, in the past it has offered a step-by-step guide to people who were considering switching to its platform. Now though it’s taking a completely different route, Apple is developing a new application which Android users will installed on their devices. The app will walk them through the entire procedure and even bring over […]

Apple Music Wants To Be THE Home For Music
Looks like Apple Music, the big kahuna, has finally been announced. What was said to offer artists more control over what they share is finally official at this year’s WWDC 2015. It looks like Apple wants to change the way music services work, where it is a whole lot more than just delivering the right tunes to customers as Apple touches on supporting artists, including the smaller fish in the […]


Apple Pay Gets A Mobile Reader, Launches In The UK
According to surveys conducted by research companies, one of the reasons some retailers are hesitant to adopt the Apple Pay standard is because they’d rather not have to deal with buying new equipment, especially if it unclear if it will be a worthwhile investment when you consider how new such payment methods are in the US.However things could soon change as Apple has announced a partnership with Square in which […]

iOS 9 Makes Improvements To Existing Apps
Some of Apple’s native apps are very straight to the point and simple, but this is something Apple is looking to improve upon with iOS 9. The Cupertino company has announced that they are improving upon some of their native apps such as Notes, Maps, and News.The Notes app has always been rather basic and it does what it advertises which is to take notes. However if you were hoping […]

iOS 9: More Intelligent And Proactive
It seems that for 2015, save for Windows 10, the major updates companies are making to their operating systems appear to be more under the hood than aesthetics, and with iOS 9 it looks like it is no different. With iOS 9, Apple is promising that the platform will be more intelligent than ever. It will also see improvements made to battery life, performance, and security.

Apple Unveils OS X El Capitan
At the Worldwide Developers Conference 2015 today Apple unveiled OS X El Capitan, the new operating system succeeds OS X Yosemite which was released last year. The company revealed that over 55 percent of all Mac users are now running Yosemite and this happens to be the fastest adoption rate for any PC operating system.

Apple Reportedly Replacing Newsstand With Flipboard-Like App
We’re less than an hour away from the Apple keynote at Worldwide Developers Conference 2015 so this will be cleared up soon enough, but according to a new report today the company is going to announce that it’s replacing the Newsstand app on iOS with a new free application that would more or less be like Flipboard. For those who are unaware, Flipboard is a very popular application which brings […]

Apple Reportedly Aiming For 100 Million Apple Music Subscribers
If the recent reports are to be believed, Apple’s revamped music streaming service is the real deal and it will be announced later today. That being said with so many options to choose from, and let’s not forget that neither iTunes Radio nor Beats Music was particularly successful, how will the new and improved Apple Music fare?While it might be too early to tell, a report from the New York […]

Apple Pay UK Launch Expected This Summer
Late last year Apple unveiled its new payments service aptly called Apple Pay. The United States was the first market for this service and so far it has remained the only market in which Apple’s payment service works. There has been talk about expansion but nothing concrete has happened since then. According to a new report, it might be the United Kingdom that gets to be the first international market for […]

Apple Music Announcement Confirmed For Tomorrow By Sony Music Chief
Over the past few months there have been countless rumors about a new music streaming service from Apple, it was believed that the company would make this announcement at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2015, which is a stage that it traditionally uses to unveil new software and services. There’s word from Sony Music CEO Doug Morris who confirms that the Apple Music service is indeed going to be unveiled tomorrow at […]

More Apple Music Details Revealed Ahead Of Announcement
By now it is common knowledge that Apple is working on a revamped music streaming service that could debut at WWDC 2015 next week. This service is allegedly known as Apple Music in a new branding scheme in which Apple has dropped the “i” from its names, e.g. Apple Watch, Apple Pay, and so on.This has since been “confirmed” by a report from the Financial Times (paywall; via BGR) who […]

Apple Softens Stance, Allows AltConf Limited Streaming Access
Part of Apple’s success in the mobile sphere is its developer community which is very strong and rivaled only by Google’s Android platform. However yesterday Apple seemed to have spit in the face of its developers by sending a legal letter to the organizers of AltConf to block them from live streaming the upcoming WWDC keynote speech.For those unfamiliar, AltConf is a developer conference that is held alongside WWDC and […]