Apple Could Focus On Digital Health At WWDC 2018

At Google I/O 2018, Google unveiled more details about Android P, its next major Android operating system. One of the areas that Google is focusing on is something called “digital wellness” which aims to help users spend their time on their mobile devices in a more healthy manner, basically trying to curb smartphone addiction.

Analyst Predicts $250 Beats-Branded Speaker With Siri At WWDC 2018

Apple’s HomePods is probably one of the most expensive smart speakers in the market today, but that’s not surprising considering that Apple products are usually priced at a premium. Unfortunately it seems that its price could be one of the reasons why not many are adopting the speakers as much as Apple would like.

Your iPhone’s NFC Chip May Soon Let You Unlock Doors

There’s not much that you can do with the NFC chip in your iPhone currently aside from making purchases through Apple Pay. However, if a new report is to be believed, Apple will soon let users do much more with the NFC chip inside their iPhones. For example, it may allow users to unlock doors through the near-field communication chip.

MacBook Pro Shipping Dates Start To Slip, Hints At Possible Refresh

Are you thinking about buying a MacBook Pro? If you are, you might have to hold off for a couple of weeks if you think you can wait. This is because there is a chance that the laptops are due for a refresh, as noted by Mac Observer who points out that the shipping dates are starting to slip for some of the existing models.


Siri Could Be Getting New Voice Options At WWDC 2018

With WWDC 2018 coming up in a few weeks, we’re sure many are wondering what Apple could announce at the event. While we suppose we can expect to learn more about new major updates to iOS and macOS, it seems that Siri could be getting some new features as well, namely more voice options.

Spotify For Apple Watch Release Expected This June

Many Apple Watch owners have been waiting for the official Spotify app to arrive and with good reason. It’s the most widely used music streaming service in the world, even more so than Apple’s own music streaming service, so there certainly exists a demand for an Apple Watch app. While Spotify is yet to say anything on the matter, a new report suggests that the official Spotify for Apple Watch […]

WWDC 2018 Dates Confirmed By Apple

Apple today confirmed the WWDC 2018 dates. As expected, its annual developers’ conference is going to take place in June this year. The company conducts its Worldwide Developers Conference every year to unveil new iterations of its iOS and macOS platforms. That’s precisely what it’s going to do this year as well.

iPhone SE 2 Rumored For WWDC 2018 Announcement

The iPhone SE 2 is a bit of an enigma at this point in time. We have heard that the phone could launch in May/June, but another report claims that Apple might not launch the phone at all. However a new report is claiming that they will, and that if and when the iPhone SE 2 is announced, it will be at WWDC 2018.

WWDC 2018 Could Be Taking Place June 4-8

At every WWDC event, Apple tends to announce new products/services, such as new versions of existing software, new SDKs, and sometimes new devices. We expect that will take place later this year, but when exactly is anyone’s guess, although potential dates might have since been revealed.