We have seen Microsoft rebrand many of its services over the past year or so, which is why it wouldn’t really come as a surprise if the company decided to the same with Xbox Music. Many say that the company should drop the “Xbox” branding for such services, which work across multiple platforms, merely because they imply that one would need an Xbox console to access them. Could Microsoft finally be listening to critics, and have they been able to convince it to rebrand Xbox Music?


This report points out that when you select a track on the online Xbox Music web player that’s not available for online streaming a popup message comes up which reads: “You can purchase this song on the Microsoft Music Store,” this message is said to come up in multiple languages.

The possibility exists that this popup message just might be an error, but on the other hand it seems way too precise to be just an error.

It’s also worth mentioning that the website is held by MarkMonitor, a company which already manages several domains for Microsoft. One should not forget though that companies usually buy domains to protect their brand even if they have no intention of using them.

It can’t really be said for sure right now if Xbox Music will really be rebranded to Microsoft Music, but the signs appear to be there, so we’ll just have to wait and see if Microsoft comes through on it or not.

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