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Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Rolling Out To Sony Xperia Z1, Xperia Z Ultra
Even though Android 4.4 KitKat seems to be what every Android owner wants to be running on their device, there are still some popular phones out there that have yet to even make it to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. For example, Sony’s Xperia Z1 and Xperia Z Ultra, which the company has announced both will begin receiving Android 4.3 starting today. 

Sony Xperia Z Ultra Google Play Edition Released
A couple of exciting announcements have been made today. As if one Google Play Edition device wasn’t enough, we have been treated to two in one single day! After LG officially announced the very first Google Play Edition tablet, its vanilla Android touting G Pad 8.3, Sony too has made a similar announcement, though about a smartphone. The Sony Z Ultra Google Play Edition has been released today.Sony Xperia Z […]

Sony Xperia Z Ultra CyanogenMod 10.2 Nightly Builds Rolling Out
After months of endless rumors, the Sony Xperia Z Ultra was announced back in June. Its certainly one of the biggest smartphones that Sony has made, with respect to its sheer size, as it touts a 6.4 inch full HD display. If you don’t like running Sony’s customized Android 4.2 user interface on that gigantic display, there’s now a alternative available which brings an experience that’s much closer to AOSP. CyanogenMod […]

Sony Power Cover CP 12 Case For The Xperia Z Ultra Revealed
Back in the middle of the year, Sony took the wraps off their Xperia Z Ultra smartphone. The handset featured some pretty impressive hardware, but we suppose the main selling point of the device would be its display which measures a whopping 6.44”, beating out Samsung’s Galaxy Mega 6.3. Safe to say the phone is a beast and now Sony has announced a new Power Cover CP 12 designed specifically […]


New Sony Xperia Z Ultra Update Brings X-Reality Engine
Sony today released a new firmware update for the Xperia Z Ultra, its latest Android device. A few days ago it was rumored that this update would be released within a week, that rumor has turned out to be true. The update brings a host of improvements, the biggest being Sony’x X-Reality engine for Mobile which finally makes its way to the Xperia Z Ultra.Those who have already received the […]

Some Sony Xperia Z Ultra Owners Complain Of Wonky Displays
I guess you can say that a particular device, especially if it happens to be one of your flagship models, fails to make the cut when it comes to its build quality, surely a furor among your user base is going to arise. Well, we have here the Sony Xperia Z Ultra that also goes by the model number C6802, and while it has rolled out for just a few […]

Sony Xperia Z Ultra Triluminous Display Compared To HTC One
The Sony Xperia Z Ultra has certainly come under scrutiny by certain quarters, where it has even been compared to the Nexus 7 tablet for some perspective, and this time around, we have the Sony Xperia Z Ultra’s triluminous display being compared to the HTC One’s display, thanks to the folks over at SECafe in Vietnam. Sony’s Triluminous technology used to be the domain of Sony’s very own TVs, but […]

Sony Xperia Z Ultra LTE Edition Arrives At The FCC
When you have a particular device arrive at the FCC, it can more or less mean only one thing – it is about to be released to the masses, ready to hit the market, in most cases, anyways. As for the Sony Xperia Z Ultra, apparently the device in its LTE-ready format has just arrived over at the FCC, and it will be able to support T-Mobile frequencies, so no […]

Sony Xperia Z Ultra Compared To The Nexus 7 Tablet Helps Give Some Perspective
Back in June, the Sony Xperia Z Ultra was revealed after countless leaks and rumors, and while we have yet to get our hands on the device for a full proper review, we can only imagine that a phone with a screen size of 6.4” is pretty massive. Thanks to photos from RingHK, we now have a better idea of what to expect, and safe to say it does not […]

Sony Xperia Z Ultra ‘X-Reality For Mobile’ Update Arriving In Early September
The Sony Xperia Z Ultra is definitely a smartphone that is worth a second look if you want something high end as well as durable (considering how the screen of the Xperia Z Ultra has been ‘abused’ in the past), but good hardware alone does not make a smartphone. There must be relevant software to go along with it, and there has been some Sony Xperia Z Ultra owners who […]

Sony Announce Devices That Will Receive Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Update
Heads up Sony Xperia owners, with Android 4.3 having recently been announced by Google, we’re sure many of you guys are wondering when Sony will be updating their mobile devices to the latest build of Android. Well the good news is that Sony has since posted an update on their website confirming the devices that will be receiving the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update.  According to Sony’s blog post, they […]

Sony Xperia Z Ultra Screen Tested, Some Say Abused
How many of you out there, where you were first faced with a device that comes with Gorilla Glass, whipped out your long nails and attempted to scratch it? I am quite sure that demo units tend to be abused by the generally curious public in their own, strange way, with some even resorting to using keys to try and “introduce” scratches along the way. Sure, a hardware manufacturer can […]

Sony Xperia Z Ultra Releasing On September 6 In The U.K.
We’ve heard about the Sony Xperia Z Ultra just a few weeks ago, which soon after its unveiling, hit the FCC and is expected to retail in the U.K. at £599.99. All that’s left to learn about the Sony’s latest phablet is its release date, which apparently looks to be on September 6 in the U.K.Expansys currently has the Sony Xperia Z Ultra available for pre-order with an expected shipping date of […]

Sony Xperia Z Ultra Spotted With IR Sensor
It goes without saying that the Sony Xperia Z Ultra is one rather impressive device, with high end specifications that are capable of holding out on its own against the other flagship models from different manufacturers. Having said that, who could argue with the performance of a Snapdragon 800 chipset, and when accompanied by a 6.44” Full HD Triluminos display, your eyes will definitely be more than happy to keep […]