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YouTube TV Launches 4K Streaming Option For $20 A Month
Are you subscribed to YouTube TV? If you are, then you might be interested to learn that YouTube has announced a new subscription option for YouTube TV called 4K Plus. As the name implies, this new tier will allow users to stream content in 4K resolution as well as a bunch of other features.

YouTube TV Sees A Price Hike, Will Now Cost $65 A Month
When YouTube TV first launched back in 2017, the company announced that a subscription would cost customers $35 a month. However, fast forward about 3 years later, YouTube has instituted yet another price hike where the monthly cost of a subscription to the service will now cost $65.

Verizon 5G And Broadband Customers To Get YouTube TV
Verizon is working with Google to provide its internet customers with streaming media. It has confirmed that both wireless 5G home and Fios broadband customers will receive YouTube TV, the company’s standalone online TV streaming service. It confirms an earlier report about Verizon wanting to partner up with Google to provide more streaming options to its customers.

YouTube TV Price Has Now Been Raised To $50 Per Month
It’s not uncommon for streaming services to raise prices after a while and that’s something that YouTube TV is doing today. It’s going to be a bit more expensive now for subscribers at $50 per month. The base price for those who are directly subscribed through Apple TV will now be $55. This price hike is effective immediately for new subscribers and from May 13th for existing subscribers.


YouTube TV Is Available In All U.S. TV Markets Now
YouTube TV, the online streaming giant’s very own standalone TV streaming service, has now completed its rollout in the United States. The company announced today that it’s service is now available in every U.S. TV market. Glendive, Montana area was the final TV market in the country where the service was not available and that is no longer the case.

YouTube TV Finally Rolling Out Nationwide
The YouTube TV streaming service was launched back in February 2017. It has been over two years since it was launched and it has gradually been rolled out to markets across the United States. YouTube TV has finally reached nationwide availability after almost two years of its initial launch. It now offers coverage for 98 percent of households in the United States.

It's Possible To Pause YouTube TV Membership Now
There aren’t many subscription services out there that allow you to pause your membership. You can either continue to pay for them or just outright cancel them. There’s no middle ground for many of the services. However, YouTube TV is going to do things a bit differently from now on. It’s allowing members to pause their YouTube TV membership as and when required.

Verizon May Team Up With Apple Or Google For 5G TV Service
Verizon is looking to launch its fixed 5G broadband service later this year and it appears that the company wants to team up with other companies for its live TV over 5G service. A report claims that Verizon is mulling a possible partnership with either Google or Apple for this matter.

YouTube's TV Service Now Available In Five New U.S. Markets
YouTube’s standalone online TV streaming service continues to expand to more markets in the United States. The last major expansion of the service happened in December 2017 but it was also accompanied by an increase in the subscription price which is now at $40 per month. YouTube is fulfilling its promise to gradually roll out its standalone TV streaming service to more markets across the country and it has now […]

YouTube TV Price Hits $40 Tomorrow
If you’ve yet to subscribe to YouTube’s standalone online TV streaming service, you might want to do that today unless you want to pay a bit more for the service. Initially, the YouTube TV price was $35 per month but the company has now decided to increase it by $5 so unless you sign up today, you’ll have to pay $40 per month for it starting tomorrow.

NBA TV And MLB Network Now Available On YouTube TV
Standalone TV streaming services like Sling TV and YouTube TV focus on providing a lot of options for sports fans who are looking to cut the cord. Sports fans are some of the most engaged TV viewers so it would make sense for these companies who are going up against traditional cable providers to try and win them over. In a bid to do that, and just before its impending […]

YouTube TV Gains More Channels, But Also Gets More Expensive
If one of the complaints that you have about YouTube TV is the lack of channels, or perhaps the channels you want are not there, you’ll be pleased to learn that YouTube TV has since expanded its offerings by including several Turner networks to its catalogue. This includes TBS, TNT, CNN, Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, truTV, and Turner Classic Movies.

Native YouTube TV App For Apple TV Will Be Released 'Very Soon'
Those who want to watch YouTube TV on an Apple TV have to use AirPlay right now as there’s no native app available for Apple’s set-top box however, that’s going to change soon. Native apps have already been released for other platforms like Roku so there’s no reason why one shouldn’t be released for Apple TV. A YouTube representative has confirmed that a native YouTube TV app for the Apple […]

YouTube TV Arrives On Roku Devices
The YouTube TV standalone online TV streaming service is now available on select Roku devices. The service enables Roku users to stream live local, sports, and national news channels on-demand. It also provides them with access to major broadcast and cable networks. YouTube TV is currently live in more than 80 metro areas across the country.

YouTube TV App For Apple TV Delayed
Google’s own standalone online TV streaming service is called YouTube TV. The company has released a full app for the service but its rollout is taking longer than previously anticipated. For example, the YouTube TV app for Apple TV was supposed to be released before the end of this year. The app has now been delayed to 2018.

YouTube TV Picture-In-Picture Mode Live On Android Smartphones
The YouTube TV standalone online TV streaming service continues to expand to more platforms. Google is also improving the user experience on platforms where the service is already available. Those who subscribe to YouTube TV and use an Android smartphone to stream TV online will be delighted to find out that it now has a picture-in-picture mode. This enables subscribers to continue watching their favorite shows while being able to […]

YouTube TV App For Android TV, Apple TV, And Xbox One Launched
Google launched its rumored live TV streaming as YouTube TV earlier this year in April. The company has since added new features and channels to the service. However, the only way to watch YouTube TV on the big screen has been through Chromecast. Google didn’t release any Android TV or smart TV apps for its streaming service at launch. It’s finally rectifying that now. Google today announced the launch of […]

YouTube TV Expands To 14 More Markets In The US
Earlier this year, YouTube TV was launched but its availability was kind of limited. However over the course of the next few months, we’ve seen the service start to expand to various markets in the US, and now it looks like the expansion has continued because it has since been reported that  YouTube TV is now available in 14 new markets in the US.

YouTube TV Expanding To More Markets
YouTube’s standalone TV streaming service, aptly titled YouTube TV, was launched a few months back. It was only made available in a few markets in the United States which is why the service has seen a slow start. The service is now going to be available in more markets across the country so that’s certainly going to help it grow its user base.