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Zune 4.7 Launched With Windows Phone 7 Support
If you got lost amongst all the Windows Phone 7 announcements, you might have missed the fact that Microsoft also released its latest version of Zune media player and sync software, Zune 4.7. The main improvement in Zune 4.7 will be the necessary support for Windows Phone 7 devices while maintaining support for the Zune HD and other Zune hardware. HD video streaming is also included as part of the […]

iHome ZN90B Alarm Clock Stereo Sports A Zune Dock
Most alarm clock radios out there that feature a docking station are geared towards Apple’s iPhone or iPod, but the iHome ZN90B Dual Alarm Clock Radio sports a dock for the Zune, and Zune HD, even though it cheekily uses the “i” prefix at the front of its name. This radio allows you to set up different alarm times for different days, and includes AM/FM presets, EQ controls, 3D sound, […]

Zune and United Airlines to offer inflight entertainment
United Airlines has just announced their partnership with Microsoft, where the combined efforts of both companies will offer benefits to the masses – we’re talking about offering a wider selection of music to United Airlines passengers regardless of their destination. The integration of ‘Zune inflight audio’ will enable passengers can access some 21 channels of music which are broken down into various genres. Of course, everything that you hear within […]

Microsoft To Bring The Core Of Its Desktop OS To Smartphones Via Menlo?
While there aren’t any official details at the moment it seems that Microsoft is busy working on a project that could bring the core of its desktop OS to smartphones. If that does happen, we’ll see the Windows NT core possibly replace the Windows CE core used in Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7 and the Zune HD. Murmurs of a graphics layer known as Experiment 19 will apparently be the […]


Microsoft debunks Zune phone
On the contrary to what we reported yesterday, Microsoft has denied that they will be rolling out a Zune phone, claiming that “the update was only maintenance and nothing consumer facing. As far as a ‘Zune phone,’ we have no plans to create a Zune phone. It makes sense that someday Zune could be part of a phone experience, but there have been no announcements about how or if that […]

Updated Zune Software Hints At Zune Phone
A Zune phone? We’re sure you’ve heard plenty of rumors indicating of such a device, so what’s so special about this one? Well, a new Zune software update that was just released (version seems to be hinting of such a device. Inside the Zune.inf file, code has been found that identifies a “Phone”, along with a vendor ID that is locked to Microsoft, along with 3 different product IDs […]

Microsoft Zune Phone In 2 Months?
Some rumors just won’t die off, and it’s hard to tell if this rumor has gained a new lease of life, or is spurred on by the recent launching of Google’s Nexus One. We’re talking about the Project Pink, or Zune Phone, that was rumored a while back. Now Jefferies analyst, Katherine Egbert, states that industry checks indicate that Microsoft will be debuting its own phone, sometime in the next […]

Zune HD to receive XviD support
While the Zune HD is an above average portable media player, it somehow failed to take off in the way Microsoft wanted for a myriad of reasons, with it being in the wrong place and the wrong time being one of them. Well, one of the major flaws of the device has been addressed this time round – the lack of XviD format support. Nice to know that Microsoft has […]

Zune HD Review
After playing with the Zune HD for some time, here’s the complete review. The first Zune was an interesting device, but it was not sexy and didn’t have any real edge over the iPod, except in two areas: the WIFI sync and more importantly, the Zune Pass: a music rental option that doesn’t exist with Apple. The Zune HD *is* sexy, slim and solidly built. It is actually smaller than […]

Zune HD To Offer 3D Gaming?
There hasn’t been any official confirmation of 3D gaming on the Zune HD just yet, but seeing a 3D game being played on the Zune HD will certainly get many people jumping in excitement, and rightfully so. Of course, we certainly hope that it isn’t just some video being played on the Zune. Let’s all just keep our fingers crossed and hopefully we’ll be able to get our hands on […]

Older Zune models discontinued
It has been confirmed that the older Zune portable media players will be discontinued once the Zune HD is released, making us wonder whether the Zune HD might actually be renamed as just plain old Zune to phase out the older range? Guess it includes the Zune 8, 16, 80 and 120 in total. There’s no word on a price cut yet though before the Zune HD is released in […]

Zune HD is now official
Microsoft’s Zune HD has finally made its bow, where it will arrive on September 15th as expected, taking up pre-order slots from the usual suspects including Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart and the Microsoft Store. This device will come in 16GB and 32GB models that retail for $219.99 and $289.99, respectively, where the 16GB model will be available in black while the 32GB sibling packs in a more posh platinum finish. […]

Zune HD internal organs shown
The FFC website (detail page no longer exists) has a bunch of photos of the Zune HD Components. While it serves no real purpose to look at that stuff, we admit that we have a curiosity for this type of things. The photos show the 730mAh battery, which seems small, as many phones have a 14xxmAh BUT it’s not a phone, there’s no radio – which is a big power hog. […]

OneApp to rule them all?
Last week, Microsoft has filed the OneApp trademark, and while there’s nothing official, it got people thinking that this would be an application store for handheld devices like Windows Mobile phones and the Zune or Zune HD. It could as well be a store for everything: Windows, Windows Mobile, Handheld, Xbox – but also audio/video content. Why not? The thing is: having a store is nice, but there’s also a […]