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Microsoft Retiring Zune Marketplace As Early As November 22
Microsoft has announced today that Zune Marketplace will not support rental and purchase of content from November 22nd, 2013. Browsing the Marketplace for movies or TV shows is off the cards as well. This move is part and parcel of the Fall 2013 update through which Microsoft Points are also retired. Those who have remaining Microsoft Points balance can transition it to local currency by initiating a purchase or redeeming […]

Microsoft rumored to unveil cross-platform Zune successor at E3 later this year
So we know that Microsoft is beginning to move away from the Zune brand, but what will they have as a replacement? According to “unknown sources”, it seems that Microsoft is planning some kind of cross-platform service that has been given the codename “Woodstock” and it will supposedly be unveiled at E3 later this year. This particular service will be replacing Zune and will support a variety of platforms such […]

Zune Music heading Down Under this November 16th
I would have thought that Microsoft would have given up on their Zune Music project by now, but I guess I am wrong – the company is far more resilient than most people figured out. Folks living in Australia will finally be able to gain access to the Zune Music Marketplace and Zune Music Pass this coming November 16th, although I am not quite sure just how many people living […]

Zune HD killed yet again
Last week we’ve had a lot of contradicting reports about the Zune player being killed off – first it was silently announced on the Zune website, then the announcement was removed and @ZuneSupport tweeted that it could have been an error – today we’ve got another update but this time it’s concrete, and the Zune has finally been killed off for good.The Zune website now has the message about Zune […]


Microsoft: Zune players officially dead
We’ve previously written about rumors concerning the Zune’s demise, and then reported about Microsoft refuting such stories. Well now we’ve come to tell you that the Zune is officially dead. Announced on the official Zune support website, Microsoft has stated that “we will no longer be producing Zune players.” Fortunately this doesn’t mean anything for current Zune owners: your device will continue to work with Zune services just like they […]

Canada gets Zune Music Marketplace and Zune Music Pass
Hmmm, who listens to music on their Zunes anymore? I guess there is still quite a bunch, otherwise why else would Microsoft announce that the Zune Music Marketplace and Zune Music Pass will arrive in the Great White North when October 3rd rolls around? To put it in a nutshell, this would mean Zune owners in that part of the world are able to access a growing music catalog of […]

Zune 4.8 introduces 2-day movie rentals and Mango support
The Zune is dead, long live the Zune. Well, Microsoft’s attempt at taking over the iPod’s throne seem to have failed rather miserably, but that does not mean the company has given up on the Zune platform which has now turned to be more of software than hardware. In the latest update of its Zune software, Microsoft allows it to function as a companion utility for Windows Phone handsets as […]

Is the iPod becoming less popular these days?
When it comes to listening to our music on the go, and before the emergence of smartphones, there was a good chance you would see someone on the street sporting an iPod or the Zune MP3 player, or even an iRiver. However all of that has changed, especially with smartphones these days sporting the ability (and the capacity) to play our songs while on the go, which means that unless […]

Microsoft Releases Nine New Apps For Zune
Not a fan of all things Apple and you just refuse to buy an iPod? Perhaps you’re a Microsoft loyalist and you went for their Zune MP3 player instead. Well if you’re still using the Zune, it looks like Microsoft has released several new apps for you – nine new apps to be exact. They consist of six brand new games, two handy utilities and one entertainment app. Compared to […]

16GB Zune HD slashed to $169
Microsoft’s foray into the portable media player market proved to be a rather sad one, as their Zune device, while decent in terms of hardware as well as software, simply did not work in the eyes of the mass consumer. After all, how else is there to explain the extremely slow uptake and nearly non-existent adoption in the world that is so filled with iPods? It seems that Microsoft wants […]

Microsoft: Zune’s not dead
Yesterday we wrote about a report stating the death of the Zune music player. Turns out it was just a rumor, and Zune is here to stay. According to an announcement from Dave McLauchlan, head of business development for the Zune platform, Zune isn’t going anywhere. While it’s true that they haven’t announced a new Zune player for quite some time now, they’ve decided to focus on pushing out the […]

RIP: Zune music player
Bad news for Zune fans: the Zune music player will no longer be updated, according to reports from Bloomberg. Microsoft has decided to throw the towel in for the music player market and discontinue the Zune line. Not surprising, considering that Apple’s iPod dominates it with 77% of the market share, and it doesn’t look like the iPod will be dying anytime soon either. However, with Zune living on through […]

Apple iTunes gains 2 more competitors
When you’re at the top, there’s always the fear of someone knocking you down – and that’s what Apple’s music service, iTunes, is probably feeling right now. It has been reported that RIM and Microsoft will have new music services that could compete with iTunes. RIM has teamed up with 7digital to ship their PlayBook with 7digital’s music store installed on the tablet. This gives PlayBook users access to about […]

Microsoft’s Bing offering 500,000 free songs
Microsoft’s Bing search engine still has some way to go in order to overtake Google and now Microsoft is trying to entice users to Bing with its Holiday Song Giveaway. With this program, each user who participates and signs up for the Bing newsletter will be able to download one free song from Bing Music free of charge, up to a 500,000-person cap and is valid for a track with […]