T-Mobile Says Boost, MetroPCS, Virgin Will Remain Ever After Sprint Merger

Earlier this year, T-Mobile and Sprint’s plans for a merger were officially announced. Whether or not this merger will actually go through remains to be seen, but there are some concerns as to what this merger could mean for those who are on other networks such as Boost, MetroPCS, and Virgin.

New 6.1-inch iPhone Dummy Units Reveal New Color Options

The 2018 iPhones are expected to consist of three models, two of which will be OLED models, and one will be a 6.1-inch LCD model. We have also heard rumors that Apple could be looking to introduce new color options, and if a recent photo posted onto Slashleaks by user Leakspinner, it seems that the 6.1-inch model will have at least three color options to choose from.

Third-Party MFi USB-C To Lightning Cables Will Be Coming In 2019

While many companies are starting to adopt the new USB-C standard for their smartphones, Apple as usual has as usual stuck to their guns of proprietary charging cables in the form of Lightning that was introduced several years ago. Interestingly enough Apple has actually embraced USB-C wholeheartedly, by giving all its MacBook laptops USB-C only ports.

Larger 6.5-inch OLED iPhone Will Be Called The ‘iPhone Xs Max’

Apple’s naming of the 2017 iPhone X was rather apt given that it was the iPhone’s 10th anniversary. However it also created a marketing conundrum in which it left many, Apple included, wondering how they would brand future iPhones forwards. After all calling it the iPhone 11 or XI doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.


Possible Pricing For Apple’s 2018 iPhones Revealed, Starts At $699

Apple’s iPhones have never been known to be cheap/affordable. That criticism was compounded further last year with the launch of the iPhone X in which the base model was priced starting at $999. This led many to be concerned about the pricing of 2018’s models, especially with rumors that there could be a larger 6.5-inch model (larger display = more expensive).

Nokia’s First Penta-Lens Smartphone Possibly Leaked

There have been lots of rumors about Nokia developing a penta-lens smartphone. That would mean the handset will tout five camera lenses at the back. The company has never said anything about such a device but an image has leaked out of China which suggests that it may have developed the device The image was originally posted on a network in China and was later deleted. It has since been […]

LG Q9 Mid-Range Device Leaks With 18:9 Display

LG appears to have a new mid-range smartphone in the pipeline that subscribes to the 2018 design language of tall displays. It’s said to be called the LG Q9 and the accompanying report claims that this handset has an 18:9 aspect ratio display. The software skin and the placement of the volume buttons make it clear that this is unquestionably an LG device.

Samsung Smartphone With Quadruple Camera Could Launch This Year

Due to the size of smartphones, the camera sensors used need to be small which leads to certain restrictions in terms of what it can and cannot do. This is why many smartphones employ the use of dual, or even triple cameras to get around certain limitations and to achieve certain shots that are typically found from bigger cameras, like DSLRs or mirrorless.

WhatsApp Now Shows Media Previews In Notifications

Whenever an image or GIF is sent over WhatsApp, iOS users will see a camera emoji that depicts that a media file has been sent. However it appears that in an update to the messaging app, media previews will now be shown in notifications which means that you can see what has been sent without having to open the app.

iOS 11 Adoption Rate Has Hit 85%

The release of iOS 12 is just around the corner. Based on past releases, it is more than likely that Apple will be making the update available to the phone shortly after the launch of their new iPhones, which at the moment appears to be set for the 12th of September. That being said, how does its predecessor, iOS 11, fare at this point in time?

2019’s iPhones Still Won’t Adopt In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

One of the rumored features of the more recent iPhones is that it would adopt an in-display fingerprint sensor. However instead of that, Apple removed the home button and gave us Face ID instead, a facial recognition system. There are some who are still probably hoping that an in-display sensor would still make it into future iPhones, but unfortunately that won’t be the case.

Leaked OnePlus 6T Packaging Reveals Smaller Notch

When the OnePlus 6 was first teased, it was revealed that the handset had a notch. At that time it was rather controversial as it wasn’t too long after Apple launched the iPhone X which also featured a notch, a design that many did not seem to like. However OnePlus seemed to think that users would “love it”.

2018 iPhone X May Be More Technologically Advanced Than Rivals

Apple recently confirmed that it’s going to conduct a press event on September 12th. It hasn’t said what we will be treated to at the event but if history is any indication, Apple will launch new iPhones on that day. Reports suggest that the company will be launching as many as three new iPhone models. The 2018 iPhone X will reportedly be more technologically advanced than its rivals and would […]

Honor Play Review

the Honor Play has nearly no competition as a phone that can drive demanding games on a good 6.3” display. That is a great product positioning.