The Next iPhone SE Might Only Arrive In 2022
It would seem that unlike Apple’s flagship iPhone models, the company does not have plans to refresh its iPhone SE series on an annual basis. A tweet by Ross Young of DisplaySearch and DSCC, he claims that the earliest we might be able to expect an iPhone SE refresh would be in 2022.

Under-Display Touch ID Will Eventually Come To The iPhone
While Apple’s Face ID pretty much works as advertised, there are times when using one’s fingerprint is much more efficient. This has led to some wondering if Apple could potentially implement both solutions in future iPhones. While Touch ID did not return in the iPhone 12, it has been rumored that this is a feature Apple is still looking to bring back.

iPhone 12 Pre-Orders Sold Out In Minutes In Taiwan
When the iPhone 12s were announced, Apple broke up the phones into two phases – the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro would be going on sale first, followed by the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max that will be coming in November. Over in Taiwan, it seems that local telcos have started accepting pre-orders and they sold out in minutes.

iPhone 12 Pro’s A14 Chipset Shows Massive Improvements Over The A13
Obviously with every iPhone upgrade, we expect that performance will improve over its predecessor. With the iPhone 12, Apple has equipped it with the A14 Bionic chipset that many expect will also make an appearance in the company’s Apple Silicon powered Mac computers, so the question is, is the iPhone 12 potentially as powerful as a laptop or desktop?


Samsung Mocks Apple For Ditching The iPhone’s Power Adapter
When Apple announced the iPhone 12, they confirmed that they will not be bundling a power adapter for its new iPhones. It did not take long for Apple’s long-time rival Samsung to say something about it, which they did in a post on Facebook where they mocked the lack of a power adapter in the new iPhones.

Apple Stops Bundling EarPods, Power Adapters For All iPhones
Ahead of the iPhone 12’s launch, it was rumored that Apple would not be bundling accessories with the iPhone 12 lineup save for a USB-C to Lightning cable. It was also rumored that this could be applied to Apple’s existing lineup, and it turns out that the rumors were right on the money.

Belkin Shows Off Its Upcoming MagSafe Compatible Accessories
During Apple’s iPhone 12 announcement, they also revealed a new wireless charging system for the iPhone 12 where the company decided to reuse its MagSafe branding. They also revealed that third-party accessory makers such as Belkin would be working on similar accessories for those who wanted more options.

OnePlus 8T Has Been Officially Announced
If you’re looking for a new Android smartphone, you’re probably spoilt for choice, but in case you wanted to look at some newer alternatives, you might want to take a look at the OnePlus 8T. This is the company’s second flagship smartphone of 2020 and comes with several improvements over its predecessor.

iPhone 12 Family Camera Hardware Analysis and Scores
Just recently, we looked back at ten years of iPhone camera hardware data. Following yesterday’s launch of the iPhone 12 family, Apple released enough information to paint a first picture of how the new iPhone 12 camera stacks up to the iPhone 11 and the competition, especially Samsung and Huawei. (photo credit: Apple)

Apple Lowers Prices On Its EarPods And Power Adapter
When Apple confirmed their brand new iPhone 12 series, they also revealed that the phones will not be shipping with the EarPods or power adapter. Instead, it will come with a USB-C to Lightning cable. Apple claims that this was done to help improve the environment, although we imagine that some people might not be too thrilled at the idea of having to spend more money.

Apple Revives The MagSafe Brand, Except That It Will Now Be For The iPhone
We had recently heard the rumors that Apple was looking to revive the MagSafe branding, which in the past was typically reserved for the company’s laptop chargers. Turns out the rumors were correct because at Apple’s iPhone 12 event, the company has announced a new magnetic wireless charging system for the iPhone 12 which they are calling MagSafe as well.

Meet Apple’s New iPhone 12 Lineup
At Apple’s event today, the company has taken the wraps off their brand new iPhone 12 lineup. It seems that the rumors were right because Apple has indeed announced four new models in the iPhone 12 series, which includes the iPhone 12 mini, the iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Pro, and last but not least, the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Apple To Remove All Chargers From Its Entire iPhone Lineup
It has been rumored that Apple is expected to not bundle accessories with its iPhone 12 like the EarPods and the power adapter. However, a tweet by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has revealed that this will not only apply to the iPhone 12, but it is also expected to be applied to Apple’s already available iPhones.

Apple Chose Not To Include A 120Hz Display In The iPhone 12 Because Of Battery Life
It is almost safe to assume that the iPhone 12 this year will not come with a 120Hz display. It is rather disappointing given that many other Android phones are starting to use 90Hz displays or higher, so it is strange that Apple is choosing not to include the technology given how popular it is.