International Android 9 Pie Release Underway For LG V30

LG isn’t known for being quick to release software updates for its devices. The LG G7 didn’t receive its Pie update in the United States after almost a year of its being first rolled out. LG is currently rolling out the Pie update for the V30, a handset launched in 2017, for the international variant only.

Black Shark 2 Pro Gaming Smartphone Launched

Some of you might recall that back in 2018, Xiaomi decided to jump on board the gaming smartphone bandwagon by launching the Black Shark. They then followed up with the Black Shark 2 earlier this year, and now it looks like they are back again with an upgraded model in the form of the Black Shark 2 Pro.

Huawei Enjoys 20% Increase In Phone Sales In Spite Of US Ban

Many assumed that Huawei would be in huge, huge trouble following the ban from the US in which the company would no longer be allowed to do business with US companies.  This was a huge deal when you consider the fact that Huawei sources many components and software from US based companies.

Apple’s 2020 iPhones Could Come WIth Time-Of-Flight 3D Sensors

One of the ways that the current generation iPhones use to sense depth, which is used to map and measure a person’s face for its Face ID security system, is by relying on infrared technology. However, that is expected to change in the 2020 iPhones where according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the company’s 2020 lineup could come with time-of-flight (ToF) 3D sensors.


Google Has Been Paying People On The Streets $5 To Scan Their Faces For The Pixel 4

It seems that with the upcoming Google Pixel 4, the company has adopted a slightly different strategy versus its previous releases. For example, it was back in June that Google kind of confirmed the design of the handset, and just earlier today, Google confirmed some features that we can expect from the phone.

Oppo’s ‘Waterfall Screen’ Eliminates Side Bezels Entirely

Smartphone manufacturers, particularly those based in China, have been involved in a frantic race to lay claim to having the highest screen-to-body ratio on their devices. This has resulted in workarounds that involve holes in the display itself and pop-up cameras. Oppo is now doing something about side bezels. It has shown off the prototype “Waterfall Screen” which just about eliminates side bezels entirely.

Google Confirms Motion Sense, Face Unlock For Pixel 4

Google is talking about two of the main features that the Pixel 4 will bring today. The company has confirmed that the upcoming flagship features a motion-sensing radar which powers a feature called Motion Sense. As expected, the Pixel 4 is also going to come with Face Unlock, but it will be a more advanced version compared to the functionality offered by a lot of Android smartphones today.

ByteDance, TikTok’s Owner, Is Making Its Own Smartphone

There were rumors that ByteDance, the company that owns the very popular TikTok app, is going to make its own smartphone. ByteDance has officially confirmed that it’s indeed working on a smartphone of its own. The company has already expanded into messaging and might even be thinking about launching its own music streaming service, so this hardly comes as a surprise.

First Huawei 5G Phone Goes On Sale Next Month

Huawei is one of the few Android OEMs that have unveiled 5G smartphones this year. The company will now be releasing its first 5G smartphone next month. The Huawei Mate 20 X has already made its debut in the United Kingdom and it will now be going on sale in the company’s home country of China.

Huawei Mate X Foldable Phone Is Still Not Ready For The Market

Earlier this year, Huawei announced the Mate X foldable phone, the company’s answer to Samsung’s Galaxy Fold. However, the handset was delayed in June where Huawei announced that they would be performing additional tests on the handset to ensure that they do not experience the same build quality issues that Samsung did with its Galaxy Fold.

Samsung Accidentally Confirms The Galaxy Note 10+ On Its Website

When it comes to Samsung’s Galaxy Note series of smartphones, the company typically launches on variant of the phone, unlike the Galaxy S series which typically comes in normal and Plus models. However, this year, the rumors are claiming that Samsung could bring a Plus version to its Note series, and it looks like it has been confirmed.

Study Finds That Our Smartphones Might Be Making Us Fat

There have been studies suggesting that sitting down all day in front of a computer is not conducive to good health. It turns out that the same could be said about our smartphones, at least according to researchers who analyzed students at the Health Sciences Faculty at the Simon Bolivar University.

Apple Patents A Way To Make The iPhone Even More Waterproof

In recent years, Apple has introduced water-resistance to its iPhones. However, it should be noted that Apple has never advertised its phones to be completely waterproof, just water-resistant up to a certain point. However, the company is looking at ways to improve on that, thanks to a recently-discovered patent.

ASUS ROG Phone 2 Pre-Orders Are Off To A Great Start In China

The idea of gaming smartphones sounds a bit gimmicky, since for the most part they tend to share the same hardware as most flagship handsets. However, it appears that the recently launched ASUS ROG Phone 2 is quite a hit over in China where it has been reported that pre-orders for the handset are pretty impressive.