Google Will Provide More Accurate Location Data To 911 Call Centers

More accurate location data will enable emergency services to reach people in need quickly and thus help them out in a timely manner. It could be the matter of life and death for some people. To aid in these efforts, Google will now be providing more accurate location data to 911 call centers of callers who use Android smartphones.

OnePlus 6T Teaser Confirms Rear Dual Camera

OnePlus will be launching the OnePlus 6T soon. There are some things that the company has already confirmed about this device. We know it’s going to have an in-display fingerprint sensor and that the 3.5mm headphone jack has now been ditched. OnePlus hasn’t said anything about the camera but rumors were that it will get a triple-camera system at the back. An official OnePlus 6T teaser has been released by […]

Samsung Provides Fix For Accidental Bixby Key Presses On Galaxy Note 9

The dedicated Bixby key has been a constant on Samsung’s flagship smartphones since the Galaxy S8 and it won’t be going away any time soon. There have been settings and options that could be used to disable Bixby on these devices but one of those options was removed from the Galaxy Note 9. This made it impossible to fully disable Bixby on the device so that accidental presses didn’t bring […]

Samsung Galaxy S10 Could Come In Four Different Models

The Samsung Galaxy S10 will be launched in 2019 and assuming Samsung keeps doing what they’re doing, there will be at least two different variants of the handset available: one which a smaller display and the other with a larger display. However that could change in 2019 where there could actually be more than two models.


2019’s iPhones Will Feature A Much Smaller Notch

When the iPhone X was launched last year, many seemed to criticize the design of the device no thanks to the notch in its display. However there were also many who said that eventually users would learn to ignore it. Unfortunately due to the technology required for the front portion of the phone, the notch is something that not just Apple, but other Android OEMs cannot avoid.

Google Maps For CarPlay Is Finally Here

The iOS 12 update was released just yesterday and one of the features of the update that some have been anticipating, is support for third-party mapping interfaces for CarPlay. This means that if you’re using CarPlay and you’d rather not use Apple Maps, you’ll be pleased to learn that you can now use Google Maps as an alternative.

‘Official’ Google Pixel 3 And Pixel 3 XL Renders Leaked

There has been no shortage of leaks concerning Google’s upcoming smartphones. We have seen plenty of live images and even a proper unboxing video. However, the leaks keep on coming, and today we get to see the “official” press renders of the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. If you have been following up on the previous leaks then there’s not much in these images that would surprise you.

iPhone Xs LTE Speed Test Reveals Huge Improvements Over iPhone X

When the new iPhones were announced, Apple touted a bunch of new features and improvements that they were making to the phones. However they did not cover everything since it would take too much time, and one of those improvements they did not cover was improvements to LTE speeds.

New iPhones Will Allow NFC To Be Used Even When iOS Isn’t Running

We totally understand where companies are coming from these days, where through mobile wallets, companies such as Apple want users to be able to make payments, use loyalty cards, keep their student IDs, use for public transportation, and so on. However there is a problem and that is what if your iPhone is dead or charging? How would you access those features then?

Apple’s New iPhones Will Be ‘Critical’ At Expanding eSIM Technology

Apple’s new iPhones are finally bringing something to the table that many Android phones have offered before: dual SIM capabilities. However it will be different from how most Android phones implement it, in which save for China, the new iPhones will support one physical SIM and one eSIM.

Mobile-Focused Social Network Path Shutting Down Next Month

Some of you may recall a mobile-focused social network called Path. At one point it was even touted as a proper Facebook competitor. Path was built from the ground up for mobile phones and it focused on smaller groups. It never really turned out to be anything close to a Facebook competitor and it has now been confirmed that the social network won’t actually be around for much longer.

Apple Discontinues The iPhone 6S And iPhone SE As Well

Apple unveiled three new iPhones at its press event last week. It immediately became evident that it’s discontinuing the original iPhone X which came out last year. It was the company’s first smartphone that featured an OLED display and features like wireless charging. Apple has further trimmed its smartphone lineup by discontinuing the iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, and the iPhone SE.

Huawei Mate 20 Triple-Camera Setup Teased

Huawei is gearing up to launch its new flagship smartphone in the near future. The company has dropped a few hints about the device in the days leading up to its launch while it has already been confirmed that the device will be powered by Huawei’s latest chip, the Kirin 980. The latest teaser hints at the triple-camera setup on this upcoming flagship.

Samsung May Discontinue Galaxy J Lineup For A New Galaxy M Series

Samsung recently said that it’s going to focus more on its affordable lineup down the road and introduce new technologies on these models. Some recent reports have highlighted the steps that the company is now taking to make this aim a reality. To that end, it may be discontinuing the budget Galaxy J lineup in favor of an entirely new series branded as the Galaxy M.