Facebook Could Be Developing A Smartwatch With A Detachable Display
Facebook has mostly been a software and services kind of company, but it seems that they aren’t quite done with their hardware ambitions just yet because according to a report from The Verge, Facebook is apparently working on a smartwatch that could debut next summer and it could sport an interesting design.

Apple’s First AR Headset Expected Q2 2022
We have been hearing rumors that Apple could be working on some kind of wearable headset for augmented reality. If you’re wondering when that will be making its debut, reputable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has suggested that it will most likely be making its debut in Q2 2022 and that Genius will be the supplier for the lenses used by the device.

Apple Still Looking Into Creating An Inductive Charging Mat
In 2019 after a series of delays, Apple announced that the AirPower wireless charging mat would be cancelled. However, the following year, there were rumors suggesting that Apple could be looking to revive the project, but then it was followed up by another report claiming that internally, Apple had shelved the project for good.

Apple’s Next-Gen iPad Pro Could Feature Wireless Charging
Apple has introduced wireless charging to its devices like the iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch, and come 2022, that could also include the iPad Pro. As it stands, Apple’s iPad Pros charge using USB-C, which is fine, but we imagine that some users would prefer not having to deal with cables at all.


The iPad Mini Could Be Getting Its Much Deserved Refresh Later This Year
Apple’s iPad mini held a lot of potential. It was small and compact and was really the ideal size for a tablet, but it felt like it kept getting the short end of the upgrade stick over the years to the point where some believed it could eventually get discontinued. However, if a recent report from Bloomberg is to be believed, it could be the other way around.

Apple Is Researching True Wireless Charging Technology
Today’s wireless charging technology usually involves the need for some kind of base whether it be a magnetic puck like Apple’s MagSafe, or a wireless charging mat or surface. However, none of these are truly wireless as they will still need to be tethered for it to work, but Apple is apparently looking to change that.

Mini LED MacBook Pro Expected In Second Half Of 2021
Apple’s MacBook laptops are still using LCD screens. This is versus the iPhone which has switched to OLED, and the iPad Pros which have adopted mini LED. However, that could change later this year because a report from DigiTimes is claiming that Apple is expected to launch mini LED MacBook Pros later this year.

All iPhone 13 Models To Feature LiDAR Technology
Last year when Apple refreshed the iPad Pro, one of the new hardware features they introduced was LiDAR. Apple later brought it over to the iPhone 12, except that only the higher-end iPhone 12 models had the technology. For those who are shopping on a slightly tighter budget, you might be interested to learn that all the iPhone 13 models could come with the tech.

14-inch And 16-inch MacBook Pros Expected At WWDC 2021
Last year, Apple introduced their new M1 powered 13-inch MacBook Pro laptops, but it also begged the question of what happened to Apple’s 16-inch MacBook Pro? Obviously Apple will be giving it an update. An earlier rumor suggested that it might actually be unveiled at WWDC 2021, which analysts now believe to be true as well.

iPhone 13 Could Come With Larger Batteries Across The Board
When Apple launched the iPhone 11, many were surprised at the battery gains of the handset over its predecessor. However, with the launch of the iPhone 12, Apple for whatever reason decided to lower the battery size across the models, an odd move given the gains from the previous model.

iPhone 13 With mmWave 5G Could Launch In More Countries
As it stands, there are two standards when it comes to 5G – mmWave and sub-6GHz. The iPhone 12 is Apple’s first iPhone to support 5G, but it is only in the US where it supports mmWave, while other countries that the iPhone 12 is available in can only use sub-6GHz, but that could change with its predecessor.

Samsung Could Supply Google With Flexible Displays For Its Foldable Pixel Phone
If the rumors are true, Google could be working on a foldable phone of their own. The company actually introduced support for foldable devices in previous versions of Android, which was a strange move at that time as the company did not have foldable phones of their own. It was speculated back then that Google was laying down the foundations for its own foldable in the future.

2022’s iPads Might Switch To OLED Displays
For this year’s iPad Pro, Apple introduced the use of mini LED display technology. It is largely expected that Apple would be sticking to mini LEDs for a while, but that might not necessarily be the case. According to a report from Korean publication ETNews, 2022’s iPads might actually see Apple turn to the use of OLED instead.

Nintendo Switch Pro Listing Spotted On Amazon
Recently, there was a rumor suggesting that a new Nintendo Switch Pro could be launching this September. We can’t say for sure if the rumors are true or are even credible, but a report from MySmartPrice has revealed that Amazon might have let the cat out of the bag a bit earlier than expected.

AirPods Pro With Fitness Tracking Expected In 2022
At the moment, Apple’s main device with all the health related features and sensors would be the Apple Watch, but come 2022, that could change. A report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman and Debby Wu has revealed that come 2022, Apple will be launching a new set of AirPods Pros with fitness tracking capabilities.

Apple Almost Got Into Rap Battles
Apple, like most other huge corporations, acquire companies from time to time to help bolster its products and services. However, a report from Bloomberg revealed an interesting attempt at an acquisition of Verzuz, which for those who are unfamiliar is a website that live streams rap battles.

Samsung Reportedly Kicks Off Production Of iPhone 13’s 120Hz Display Panels
Despite having a well-publicized legal battle against each other, Apple and Samsung have a very fruitful business relationship with each other. It is said that the iPhone’s OLED displays (partly) come from Samsung, so it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that production for the displays of the iPhone 13 have already begun at Samsung’s factories.

All iPhone 13 Models Could Feature Sensor Shift Camera Stabilization
One of the ways Apple differentiates its iPhone models would be through the camera. For example, when they first brought image stabilization technology to the iPhone, the higher-end models got optical image stabilization, while the lower-end models got digital stabilization. However, with the iPhone 13, Apple could make them all a little bit more equal.

New Nintendo Switch Could Launch This September
Every year without fail we get some kind of rumor about a new and upgraded Nintendo Switch, but Nintendo also never fails to shut those rumors down, so you can see why we’re a bit skeptical of this new report from Bloomberg which claims that the new Nintendo Switch could be launching as soon as this September.

TSMC Has Reportedly Begun Production On A15 Chipset For The iPhone 13
Apple will debut its iPhone 13 later this year, and as we have seen from previous iPhone launches over the year, the new iPhone 13 will most likely come with a brand new chipset. Last year saw the debut of the A14, which means that this year will probably see Apple launch the A15.