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With Google Maps, users will be able to know if a place they’re going to has parking or not. However when it comes to remembering where you park, that’s something that oddly enough seems to be lacking, and which Apple actually beat them to it with iOS 10. However that has changed in the latest update to Google Maps.

In the latest update to the app, Google has added a new feature that will allow users to mark down where they parked their cars. This will appear as a new menu option and all users have to do is tap on it and a blue “P” icon will be placed onto the map to show you where you parked. To be fair, Google had something similar with Google Now, but if you wanted something more consistent and if you prefer doing it yourself, then these changes to Google Maps might be much more welcome.

In addition to remembering where you park, Google Maps will also remember how long left you have in that spot. This will come in handy if you’re parked at a metered parking, or if the place you’re parked at only allows for temporary parking, in which Google Maps will then notify you when the time is running out.

These features should already be live in the latest version of Google Maps for Android. No word on when they will find their way onto the iOS version, but we imagine that it will soon enough.

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